Friday, March 7, 2008

Dogwood Winter

At my friend's urging, I borrowed an AJ Roach CD from my brother. I was very impressed. I've become a fan of authentic bluegrass/folk music, through my brother's influence, and I like AJ Roach almost as well as Nickel Creek.

The best songs were the faster ones, I thought; the upbeat ones. Dimes was a little bit sinister (but it was also one of my favorites.) Granddaddy, the first song on the album, was a really great song about legacy and family heritage.

AJ Roach also has a way with words. Some of the songs had very poetic lines in them....and that impressed me.

I'm looking forward to hearing his other CD, Revelation.
If you're a fan of folk music, you should try Dogwood Winter.

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