Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures

While my cousin Abby was here, we went on a trip to Barnes and Noble, and I bought this book. I have been wanting it for a long time (and thinking about getting it more lately...) so I bought it. Since most of what I write is fantasy, I thought it would be a good resource for me. So far, I've just looked through it and tried to make an index of certain kinds of creatures.

The book teaches evolution, and it talks about everything like it's real. That makes it sound like some of the animals mentioned are just extinct, and that makes it a little confusing to read. Makes me wonder how many of them might have been real, because not all of them sound like tall tales. It also talks about the Bible and the great creatures mentioned in it like they were myths. Plus, although this is a hardback that I got on the bargain rack for twenty bucks, the pages are coming out. :( So I may eventually have to get a binder and put all of the pages inside, since the cover isn't holding them.

The book has over six-hundred pages of encyclopedia concerning magical creatures/animals. That's a lot of information on just myths!!! I haven't read all the way through by a long shot (duh) but I think I'll be glad I have it in the future.

I may start doing a 'Creature of the Week' and then studying the legends surrounding that creature extensively and then blogging it. We'll see. I"m excited about this book....I'm not really sure how many creature encyclopedias there are, but this is a good one to have.


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