Friday, March 28, 2008

Horton Hears a Who!

Yesterday Dad took me and mom to see Horton Hears a was so FUNNY and FUN! I don't know for sure if I've read the book or not, but I may have. I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan (and I also happen to like Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey, both of which starred in the movie), so I've been wanting to see the movie.

First, I absolutely LOVED Horton. He was a sweet goofball elephant that wasn't especially brave or anything very extraordinary, but he turns out to be the hero anyway because he believes in the tiny people on the speck and defends them up to the point of getting himself hurt. The antagonist of the story is Sour Kangaroo, a skeptic who decides to get rid of the speck and the clover that it is sitting on. When she demands the clover from Horton, Horton tells her no, very boldly, and even though Sour Kangaroo's demanding presence is intimidating, Horton doesn't give in, but instead protects the speck.
Horton is also a great moral character. Even though Horton's friend Morton didn't help him out much (what can a blue mouse do when an elephant is tied up with ropes, anyway?) when he was in trouble, Horton still makes him sound like one of the heroes and thanks him for being such a loyal friend.
Even though it was Sour Kangaroo that ordered Horton to be caged and roped, Horton offers her a cookie after he is released and Sour Kangaroo holds an umbrella over the speck. Sour Kangaroo nearly burned the clover in a burning cauldron of oil, which was pure torture for Horton to watch, but Sour Kangaroo's joey, Rudy caught it. Even after that, Horton offers her that cookie and he and Sour Kangaroo become friends again.

Second, I LOVED Ned McDodd, Mayor of Whoville. He was funny, and he tried really hard to take care of Whoville and his family, even though nobody believed him about them living on a speck and about hearing Horton's voice.
He has 96 daughters and one son, Jojo. He tries very hard to spend time with each of them every day, and to build a healthy relationship with Jojo. McDodd is also a little bit everybody thinks he is crazy and really not worthy of making decisions, mayor or not. The head of the city council is constantly disrespecting him because of his odd ways, but towards the end, (this was a HILARIOUS part) Horton makes him look silly without meaning to by teasing him, and after that he is much better about everything.

The CGI was amazing. I can't get over the amazing Dr. Seuss that was created with jungle greens and browns and bright pinks, oranges, yellows and bluish purples. All of the Whos had their own color. McDodd was a nice sensible brown, but that's okay, because he was such a good character. His son Jojo was blue with bluish purple.
Something else that I love about Dr. Seuss is stripes. I love stripes. I would probably have a whole closet of stripes if I could (but sadly it seems like nobody else in the world is as fanatical about them as I am.....:( ), and stripes always remind me of Dr. Seuss.
A lot of the Whos and Horton's friend Morton had a striped body. It was so cool.
They stayed true to the Dr. Seuss look, and I really liked that, because it looked like his characters and his worlds all brought together to look real. Horton Hears a Who was awesome and fun! Go see it.


Brian said...

I saw that movie too! I thought that it was pretty funny. During the previews, did you see the one for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs? It looks cheesy and stupid, but I bet it will still be funny.

Anna said...

Yeah I can't wait to see it! I didn't think it looked cheesy or stupid, but I guess we'll see.

John L. said...

Yeah but I thought Horton would be stupid to. You never know. I wish the old actors where still alive, you know from the 30's 40's
Movies were so good back then.

Anna said...

No, Horton wasn't stupid. He was innocent. I think that we have great actors today...but there were also some great ones back then too. I think the art has actually improved some.....but, some of my favorite movies are old ones. Most of them are newer ones though. Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace was sooooo fun though!