Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jurassic Park

Last night I watched Jurassic Park for the first time. WOW!!!!!!!!!

It was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. I like Steven Spielburg. He has produced and directed a ton of movies (Hook, Indiana Jones Cycle, E.T. Extra-terrestrial...Jurassic Park, Jaws.)
And all that I have seen I have liked. I think part of it is just being raised in a time when his movies are always popular, and I have three brothers that like those kinds of movies, and now I, in my turn, have become a fan. My brother had started talking about Jurassic Park a few weeks ago, and I started to get interested, and then I really wanted to see it.

I was very excited to start it. It has the same suspense that Jaws has and the same enchantment which E.T. possesses. When the Brachiosaurus was first sited, it was pretty darn cool. For 1993 (let's face 1993, the computer world was still in the Dark Ages. yes I was born in that year.) the dinosaurs were amazing and they looked real, except for the occasional robotic movements. It was suspenseful, and it also had an amazing plot that was well put together. It followed the rules: Make everything that can go wrong for your character go wrong. Give them a rest once in awhile, but DO NOT BE NICE TO THEM.

Not those words exactly, but that's basically it. The music was composed by John Williams (a great composer.....did Star Wars and E.T. and dozens of others) and some of it was really pretty and awe-inspiring.

The whole idea of cloned dinosaurs is really pretty amazing. This is such a good example of Science Fiction, because most Sci-Fi is associated with space (or at least I've always kind of thought of it that way) when really the two words just mean fiction, fantasy or magical realism about science or futuristic ideas. Jurassic Park was cool because it sounded rationally like something that might happen.

And again, I will say that these were real people...they weren't heroes to begin with, but they acted like real people would. I think this is a new favorite. I can't wait to see the second and third ones now.....

If you like dinosaurs, rainforests and suspense AND fantasy....get Jurassic Park.

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