Monday, March 3, 2008

The Lake House

Over the past few weeks, I have become a Sandra Bullock fan, and have seen some of her best movies. I've seen While You Were Sleeping several times, and I saw Miss Congeniality, (and part of the sequel, which was NOT as good as the first one...I didn't even finish it) and The Lake House. I've also seen Premonition, which is ironically another mixed up time story with a much darker twist than The Lake House. Both were good, but The Lake House was the 'comedy' and Premonition was the 'tragedy,' if we're going by Aristotle's definition.

The Lake House is classified in the genre magical realism. Magical realism is a movie or story which obviously is not all realistic but has no visible magic...but wait. Maybe I shouldn't say that. I think this is the first movie I've seen that is classified as magical realism. Tim Burton's Big Fish is also magical realism, although I haven't seen it.

The plot centers around Alex and Kate. (Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves) Kate is a doctor in 2006. Alex is an architect in 2004. When Kate leaves the Lake House that she has been living in, she leaves a note for the new tenant. Some how, Alex, two years backwards, gets it. The two start corresponding. Kate apologizes for some paw prints by the front door and a box in the attic. Alex doesn't find a box or paw prints and insists that nobody has lived there for years. They discover that they both have the same dog (which is a scruffy yellow colored mutt named Jack.....and it is a female dog.)
And that the mailbox delivers things back and forth between the two years. The movie is about their relationship over those two years and how the mailbox can deliver anything that will fit inside two years into the future or two years into the past. Their romantic relationship over the notes that they wrote on scrap paper and the hidden surprises that lie with each of them (Kate has a unique interest in classic books (like Jane Austen on Dostyevsky) and her favorite one is Persuasion.

It was a weird movie, but I liked it a whole lot. It was a good romance, and it had a good plot. I like Jack the (female) dog.

I'm sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, but the last week has been very busy. I'll probably start blogging regularly this week again.



Lauren said...

So you have read Aristotle. Very cool. I had to outline it to understand it, but it was good, and pretty interesting.

Anna said...

No Lauren I haven't.

But I've read a lot of books....just none of them are Aristotle. I'm personally not all that interested in reading the philosophers...even though I'm sure I will at some point. I think I read the Comedy/Tragedy scheme in a book on reading and literature, which was one of the greatest books I ever read. So you liked him? I'll probably read one of his books later this year...but not anytime soon.

Lauren said...

Oh. You referred to his standards though...that's why I thought you did. I had to read part of it for Great Books.

Anna said...

It's a good standard. I don't even know which books he wrote though....except maybe the Poetics, but that's the only title I know. Like I said, he isn't on my immediate Reading List, but he's on a later one.