Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Post of March

Last Post of March! Wow. I'm amazed that The Lake House post was earlier this month....seems like this month has been full and fast. Maybe I'm imagining it.

Anyway, I am watching Newsies and thinking about forcing myself to get up and pack, because I won't be here for a couple days. I'm leaving with Mom and Dad to visit a cuz. So no posting for awhile. I dunno how long.
See you around... whoever ya are.


Lauren said...

Anna, are you a Calvinist?

Anna said...

That is a very big question that I'm not prepared to answer Lauren, or prepared to talk about. It is a good question though, but I don't have a good answer. I'm also not prepared to open this topic for discussion.

Brian said...

This has nothing to do with the post... well actually it sort of does. It's April. You still have your March stuff up. I know you might not have time, but just a reminder. Think of it as spring cleaning.

Anna said...

Spring Cleaning....I just haven't had time to begin April's posts, so I guess that is why all of the March stuff is up.