Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Miss Congeniality

The other day we watched Miss Congeniality, and I thought it was great!!!! Like I said I am now a Sandra Bullock fan, and I thought the movie was funny, cute, and a great 'chick flick.'

Even Dad liked it!! It would probably be better with TVG, which we have.

The story is about Grace Hart, and tom boy FBI agent (an agent that is a bit of a klutz) that is stuck doing paperwork because she disobeyed orders on the job. However, she gets a second chance when she is chosen to go undercover in a beauty pageant. (There are suspicions that somebody is going to kill one of the contestants.) Not exactly her cup of tea. She isn't all that pretty, and she chews with her mouth open. She snorts when she laughs. :D

I won't give the whole plot away (even though most of you have already seen it) but I thought it was fun and cute. I like how she sneaks donuts and even pulls a gun out to get one. That's pretty desperate for sugar! Even I wouldn't do that!
Girls will love it. Some boys will like it. :D

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