Friday, March 14, 2008

Movie of the Month: March 2

For the second movie of the month...I think let's do The Prestige. I didn't review it, but I'll give a brief one now.

I really like Christian Bale, and this movie also has Michael Caine (Batman Begins, Secondhand Lions). Hmm. I dunno what my favorite Christian Bale movie is...Rescue Dawn was pretty good. Newsies was GREAT!!!!! and so was Batman Begins. I can't wait to see Dark Knight.
Hmm. Guess I don't have a lot to's one of those kinds of movies that you need to see and that it'll give away too much if you try to review it. Or maybe I just feel lazy. *shrugs*
Anyway, the second movie of the month is The Prestige!!!!!

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