Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

As soon as I found out about this movie, I wanted to see it. We never got to see it in the theater, so yesterday when we took some movies back to Movie Gallery (probably Brownfield's Entertainment Hot Spot) I decided to get it. It stars Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman (Hoffman was also in Stranger Than Fiction, and Portman starred in the new Star Wars movies 1-3.) Hoffman is Mr. Magorium, a 243-year-old owner of a magical store. He's an incredibly sweet old guy that lisps when he talks. :)
He also has really wild hair and eyebrows, and a pet zebra named Mortimer. (I like zebras.)
Portman stars as Molly Mahoney, a beautiful young pianist that has been working in the store for a long time.

First of all, the characters were well written, well casted, and well portrayed. Mr. Magorium is a completely original character that is so completely quirky and FUNNY. He acts much like a child, but later in the movie we find out that besides playing with bouncy balls he also read Shakespeare. He's a quirky funny person that is both wise and FUN.
Mahoney is a struggling pianist that is trying to write a concerto, but is having trouble. She and Mr. Magorium share a sort of father/daughter relationship (uncle/niece, brother/sister, grandfather/granddaughter....).

The relationship between them is so unique. They obviously are very best friends, and Magorium is obviously like a father to Mahoney. Yet, even though they say that they love each other several times, Mahoney always respectfully calls Magorium 'Sir,' and Magorium always refers to Molly Mahoney by her last name. I thought that was particularly interesting. Magorium has a variety of pet names for Mahoney, ("This, my lovely, is for you!" when he hands her a cube of wood. Mahoney accepts it and says "Thank you! What is it?") all of them completely ridiculous and sweet.

Mahoney also dresses modestly throughout most of the movie, something that I thought was cool. I thought that the movie was both sad and not sad. It was sad that (*SPOILERS!!!!*) Mr. Magorium died, but it was also great that Mahoney finally knew what her concerto sounded like and that she brought the magic back to the store. It was awesome that Eric made friends with Mutant. (I didn't actually say much about those two characters.....)

I definitely recommend it. It was so fun and cute and funny. Possibly my favorite Dustin Hoffman character.....

If you are wondering how good I thought it was, I would probably say better than Spiderwick Chronicles. Yes yes I would. :D

BTW, if you want to read Focus on the Family's take, click on this link.


J Scott Savage said...

Okay, you talked me into it. I'm going to go rent it for the family tonight. Great review!

Anna said...

thank you! Hope everybody enjoys it.