Friday, March 14, 2008

Notes from the Upperground: Tolkien and Lewis 2

I figured out that the reason I can't find much intelligent to say about Tolkien is because it is about so much more than Lewis's books are. It's about Middle-Earth, not just about the characters and the ring.

Tolkien is writing about his mythology, and about the characters which are concerned with it. It isn't really the other way around. Tolkien created a world, and then he put characters in it.

Lewis probably created characters and then put them in a world. Orson Scott Card is an author of Science Fiction and Fantasy. The only reason I figured this out is because I read a post on another blog about how he divides stories into four types. You might want to read that post before you continue.

Lewis's books are about the people in it, chiefly. Lewis was really good at emotions, and simple psychology. There is always some kind of dialog in our heads. We're thinking about something all the time. Even in our dreams. (This is beside the point, but I had a horror dream the other night.....I don't know why I am telling you this......)

Lewis was also good at setting, but he did not spend as much time creating his world as Tolkien did. Why? Because Lewis invented more than one world. Narnia, Malacandra, Perelandra, Glome.....and others.
Tolkien invented one: Middle-Earth.
I think the reason that I can't find much to say at this point about Tolkien is that I was looking for the wrong things there. I was looking at it like a character-driven story (even though at the time I did not know what that was) when I should have been looking or it differently. I think now that I know more about what type of story it actually it is, I would have more to say about it.


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