Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why Should the Fire Die?

I borrowed Nickel Creek's last CD from Andy the other day so I could listen to it again....I listened to it last year before we went to the Nickel Creek concert (which, again, was AWESOME...).

I think my favorite songs are When in Rome, Somebody More Like You, Can't Complain, Anthony, Doubting Thomas, and Helena. (So what if it is half of the CD?)
At the moment, Why Should the Fire Die? is my favorite Nickel Creek CD. That's probably because I haven't heard it as much as the other two. I think each of their CDs has a style. The first one, just titled Nickel Creek, is the most folksy. It kind of has an earthy tone to it or something. More primitive. The second one I always pictured as being 'the malt shop CD.' I think it's because of the cover art. The girl on it looks malt-shoppish. Why Should the Fire Die is the boldest. I would say that it is kind of like their rock CD, but it isn't rock and roll. Itunes classifies it as Country, but I classify them as Bluegrass, or at least Bluegrass style. WSTFD is their darker CD, with a darker and more mellow sound than the others. Sort of melancholy, almost. Their first CD is content, the second happy, and this one sad. Or something like that. I think they have some others that are out of print, and one that they did when they were kids, which I haven't listened to. WSTFD was not produced by Alison Krauss, although the other two were.

This is definitely one of my favorite CDs.

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