Friday, May 9, 2008

The 13th Reality: The Journal of Curious Letters

A couple of weeks ago, I entered a contest on James Dashner's blog to win a signed copy of his new book, The 13th Reality.
I didn't expect to win, but I did! Last week I received my beautiful hardback, and I've just finished it.
I was very impressed! I think that the book was very engaging, interesting and original. Dashner has some great ideas, and I eagerly await the second book.

The story is about Tick, a thirteen year old kid that's a bit nerdy. (It's okay, I like nerds...:D )
He begins to receive curious letters, telling him to do mysterious things or burn the letter. Tick decides not to burn the letter, but to follow the clues and perhaps save lives. My favorite characters besides Tick are Master George (who is very funny...I love how he's having a romance with his cat *practically* and it adds so much to his character!) and Mothball.
I can't decide which of the young Realitants I like best though!

I like how a lot of the story involves science, a bit like Madeleine L'Engle, but in a completely different style (such as kyoopy *Q. P.*).
The 13th Reality is a fresh take on fantasy, engaging, funny and entertaining. Good Job James!



Brian said...

I really loved that book too! I am also waiting for Book 2: Hunt for the Dark Infinity to come out. You're so lucky to have won the signed copy!!! No fair! (Just kidding! I didn't even enter :-).

Either way, I can't wait for Book 2!

Anna said...

Yes I know. JK...I was really excited to win a signed copy. I never win stuff like that! My dad suggested that I enter the lottery, but quickly told me that he was kidding. :)
Hunt for Dark Infinity will be great!

John said...

Good job, Anna.

I saw a while back that you were reading Dr. Lloyd-Jones' Studies in the sermon on the mount - how did you like it? It's one of our favorites.

The girls say "hello."

Anna said...

Thank you John!

I actually never got very far in Sermons on the Mount, and then my reading plan blew, so I haven't touched it since January. :(

I still plan on reading it though. Tell everybody hello!

J Scott Savage said...

I just finished reading an early draft copy of Dark Infinity and it is excellent. (I know, mean huh?) But you will definitely like it.

BTW, Anna, did you sign up for my blog tour? You are over at the blog all the time. How could you not have signed up yet? Or did I miss an e-mail?

Anna said...

Let me read the directions so I can get 'er done! I'm looking forward to getting to ask you lots of juicy questions!!!!! (And reading your book too, of course. Duh. :D)