Sunday, May 11, 2008

Farworld Blog Tour '08

Hello there, fellow blog readers....

just a lovely note (wot, wot) to let you know that I am now an official member (or at least I think I am :D) of the Farworld Blog Tour of '08. J. Scott Savage is writing YA fantasy series called Farworld. I get to read the book before it is published, post a review and a Q & A with him a few months before it is released. Very exciting! I'll post some updates soon.

P. S. Just now I was thinking about posting the cover to Farworld: Water Keep, but then I decided that I would wait until I actually review it. Why? So the review will be much more dramatic. You don't know what the book looks like. You won't be able to judge it until you read the review that way. ;)


Brian said...

I probably should have thought of waiting to post the cover too. I was just too excited though.

Anna said...

*shrugs*. I was just feeling kind of lazy, so I thought I would wait till I posted the review. :D