Thursday, May 22, 2008

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Last night, I FINALLY saw the end of National Treasure 2. I went to see it in the drive-in, but I never saw the end, because there was another movie we wanted to see.

This time, Ben Gates is back, he's broken up with Abigail Chase, and Riley Poole is now the author of a book about the templar treasure. Nobody has read it yet. :)

This time, Ben and the gang are looking for the City of Gold, Cibola, so that he can clear his great grandfather's name.

The movie follows their adventures as they put twos and threes together, kidnap the president, break into the Library of Congress, and check out the Queen's desk.
Pretty cool, huh?

Plus, a couple of new characters, including Wilkinson, the bad guy this time.
(Although he's more noble than Ian whats-his-face, he suffers a dreadful death. :-/

Although not as good as the first one, National Treasure 2 is funny and fun to watch. I recommend it, although I give it three and three quarters stars for everything being too easy for them.
Riley is still hilarious!



Brian said...

Cool! I liked it too, but it was really repetitive of the first one

Brian said...

Cool! I liked it too, but it was really repetitive of the first one

Anna said...

Yes very!

I think it is a large possibility that there will be a 3rd one, and perhaps a fourth, but if they do that, I hope they become more original with the plots. Rumor is that the 3rd one will be Atlantis.

Mikaela said...

Ok, because of ANNA I missed the last 15 minutes of this! Gosh, just because she didn't want to miss the beginning of I Am Legend.. grrr. :P

Anna said...

You MUST admit that I Am Legend was a better movie. Sorry, but I have a thing for German Shepherds.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a good movie I should watch it.