Thursday, May 22, 2008

Planet Waves

And Bob Dylan returns!

Hello again (for the fourth time today....)

Just posting about Planet Waves, the BD CD that I'm listening to right now. I've had it for weeks, and I haven't hardly listened to it very much...sorry Andy....

but I guess I haven't been in as much of a Bob Dylan mood lately. Distracted. Discombobulated. Immersed in other worlds. My own, although perhaps more so Ted Dekker's. I am, finally posting a review, and to say that I didn't like it as well as New Morning. New Morning is among my very favorite BD CD's, and Planet Waves isn't. It was good, but I just didn't like it as well. There weren't really any songs that I just want to listen to. I liked all of them though.

Hazel, Dirge and Something There Is About You are probably the ones that I like best.

Herrm. The CD is growing on me! I'm enjoying You Angel You right now.....that's a good song.

You angel you.....

So, this CD was good, but just not brilliant, at least to me.

I've also listened a little to Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, a BD soundtrack to the movie, and some of the Billy songs are okay. I actually kind of like The River Theme! No lyrics, but some pretty singing. Most of it was instrumental, so I wont' do a whole review of it.
The next BD CD is.....Before the Flood. Looks good!


Alissa said...

i don't know that i've listened to this cd all the way through, but i really like "something there is about you" as well! Good stuff!!!

Anna said...

I liked every song, but if I had favorites, Something there is about you would be among them. Very good stuff!

Brandon Sims said...

Stick with switchfoot. I don't think he has any harmony (Bob Dylan that is) You may disagree with me, but I still think that Mr. Jones is pointless and has no harmony.


Anna said...

I don't care if you like Bob Dylan or not, actually. Bob Dylan has more meaning and more of a point to his songs than Switchfoot. Switchfoot is pop. Bob Dylan has a lot more meaning than most modern rockers, even if it doesn't make sense to you.

The song you are thinking of is actually called 'Ballad of a Thin Man'. Even though Switchfoot is easier to listen to than Bob Dylan, that doesn't mean that they are better.


Brandon Sims said...

Switchfot is not an average pop band, they are a christisn rock/pop band. There music presents an arguments and supports it untill they listeber can be convinced.

The point of music is to honor God, if we just said the words to songs without harmony or rhyme then switchfoot would still be completing the point of music, Bob Dylan would not.

The Bible says to make a joyfull noise unto the Lord. Therefore if music is not praising God I think that it should at least be harmonious and good and easy to listen to.

You may see it differently, if so please let me know.

Anna said...

I'm sorry, I didn't know that about Switchfoot. Sorry for making the assumption.

However, it still isn't actually fair to say that Bob Dylan's music isn't pretty. You're forgetting that everybody has different tastes.

I really don't care if you like Bob Dylan or not, or if you think he's bad, or has no point or whatever. I like Switchfoot fine. They have some great songs.

I don't think we should try to argue about Bob Dylan. That's fine that you don't like him. I have no convictions about listening to him. Since we can't agree, I think we should just drop it. I don't want to put time and energy into defending stuff that I like when you are probably just going to tear it down anyway, so let's just forget about it. If you still think that Bob Dylan is so bad, why don't you take that up with Andy? He knows more about it than I do.