Sunday, May 4, 2008

Runaway Bride: May's Movie of the Month

Runaway Bride is my new favorite movie.
I have watched it three times in the past three weeks. (so i like it a lot, right?)
One thing I've noticed when watching these romance movies is that what makes a good romance. Really: what is it?
I think one thing about them is the characters. Characters are the most important aspect to a novel. In a romance novel, you have to create to characters that you can make fall in love with each other....or in a romance movie. Character dimensions are SO important to stories like this! In fantasy novels you have magic and its magical creatures. In a romance novel, you have to be realistic and creative at the same time. That sounds a bit hard to me, but definitely worth the challenge if you can make a good story out of it.
Runaway Bride is one of those movies. It's funny, cute, and Julia Roberts and Richard Gere make a wonderful romance team. Plus, I also really admire Gere's New York accent. Even though my novel is a fantasy, one of my favorite characters has one of those (although he has no idea who or what New York is.)
One thing I don't like as much about fantasy novels is that you don't have the real world to rely on: you have to make it all up yourself. It's harder to relate. That's probably one of the reasons that modern fantasy that takes place in the real world (at least going back and forth...) is so popular. Harry Potter, Leven Thumps, Narnia, Inkheart....all of those take place in a 'modern' world (Narnia doesn't quite count as 'modern' but it does take place in the real world. You can relate to the characters better because they have lived in the real world, and they know what real life is like, and you can experience everything better with them.
On the other hand, a fantasy novel that takes place entirely in a fantastic world without any connection to the real world is parallel to the real world. :) Not that it has anything to do with Julia Roberts.....
I also liked Ike because he is a writer. His apartment was cool, because it looked like a writer lived there. That's probably similar to what my house/apartment/room will look like when my beautiful book collection gets bigger. I thought it was cool that he was going to write a novel.
A neat quote from the movie was:
"Journalism is literature in a hurry." Thought it was interesting.
I liked this movie so much that I decided to make it May Movie of the Month. Very exciting. :D

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