Thursday, May 22, 2008


Welcome to Paradise.

I've finished Showdown, the beginning of the next saga in The Books of History Chronicles.

Dekker has a gift. I am very, very impressed, again. I think one of the reasons maybe I didn't get into him very much when I first started reading him was that the two books I read weren't among his top novels; although House is good, it is nothing like The Circle Trilogy. Showdown wasn't as good as The Circle either, but it was very interesting, and Dekker delivered the story beautifully.

I like how he uses kids. One of the central characters (and the only one that sees Marsuvees Black for what he really is) is a thirteen year old boy named Johnny. Johnny fast became my favorite character, and then later there was Samuel.

One thing that was odd about the book; there wasn't a favorite adult character in it, although I liked David and Raul. A lot of the story is told through the eyes of Johnny and Billy, and sometimes Samuel (who becomes a wonderful central character in the last chapters of the book), all of them boys about the same age.

Dekker also seems to have some sort of signature (I don't know if I should be pointing it out, since I haven't read all of his books.....) about boys. In the Circle, Elyon is a boy, that is blond with green eyes. In Showdown, Johnny is blond, and the only one in the whole town that sees the truth about Black. Samuel is blond (although with blue eyes, not green) and he is very much like Elyon/Justin from The Circle.

Dekker uses blond boys a lot, or just boys in general, for an important part in the story. Johan (although he wasn't a boy when he betrayed Justin) was the traitor (later saved again) in The Circle. Billy isn't blond, but he also plays a very important part.

Although Showdown didn't effect me near as much as The Circle did, I still loved reading it, and I had a ton of fun learning more about The Books of History. I was a little disappointed in their outcome, and there was one other thing that I remember seemed like something I wouldn't do....if I were writing it. But other than those few things, I really enjoyed the book and can't wait to dive into Saint!


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