Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The Circle Trilogy has left me in awe. Last week I began Sense and Sensibility, eagerly awaiting its finish so I could really concentrate on White, although I started it at about the same time. When I did finally finish Sense and Sensibility (just watch the movie; it was just OK. Sort of boring.) I dove eagerly into White, and then I could hardly come up for air.

The Circle Trilogy is a gem in the world of fantasy, and it carries on in the tradition that Tolkien and Lewis started so many years ago. Dekker diligently follows in that tradition in a way that all young writers should hope to follow. The way I would love to follow; by bringing in a wonderful plot, amazing characters, and spiritual lessons and parallels that are incredibly moving. White was amazing. If you've not read The Circle Trilogy yet, don't wait. Dekker is writing another Circle Book, which I eagerly await. I think it arrives in January. Since I'm now a hardcore fan, I'll be posting updates as he releases them. I can't resist!

Plus, I now know why so many of Dekker's books are connected. It's because that many of them are part of his huge Chronicle Cycle called The Books of Histories Chronicles.
I hope to start reading those to occupy myself until next January....I had no idea I would get this interested. I'm really looking forward to starting his Lost Books Cycle, a young adult series that has something to do with my new favorite character, Thomas Hunter, and the Forest and Elyon. And of course the egregious Horde.
Instead of Red being the book of the month, the entire Circle Trilogy is a trilogy of the month.


lisatatj said...

I second all your thoughts on the trilogy... LOVED it beyond words!!!!

I totally wish I could read it again for the first time!

Anna said...

ditto! I cannot wait to read the other Books of History Chronicles....