Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Good Morning Neverland!

Just Kidding.
On Sunday, I watched Hook all the way through for the first time without interruptions. I am sad that it is do back to Movie Gallery tomorrow....I fell quite in love with it.
I wasn't aware at the time when I picked it out that it was a Spielberg movie, but I suppose I should have known. When I finally figured it out, it all made sense for it to be. John Williams composed the score, adding that magic touch that seems to follow Spielberg's movies everywhere....and the world created was perfect for the movie.

What if Peter Pan grew up?

Hook tells us 'what if.' If Peter Pan grew up, he would be a successful, snobbish lawyer that's afraid of heights. He has two children, one of which is a girl named Maggie, the other a boy named Jack. (I love the name Jack.) When he goes to visit Grandma Wendy after ten years of not seeing her, Peter Banning's two adorable children are kidnapped by none other than Hook himself.
Peter must go to Neverland at the urging of his long lost fairy friend, Tinkerbell. Of course, he thinks that she is a hallucination at first. Until he knocks himself out and wakes up in the Pirate Port at Neverland.

The Lost Boys and Tinkerbell have to get Peter to remember who he is, so he can save his kids and go home. Unfortunately, that might take a lot longer than three days, the amount of time that Hook has agreed to before he and Pan fight to the death to save Pan's kids.
As Tink puts it: "Four days is bare minimum for a decent Pan!"

I can now say that I add this to my collection of favorite Neverland movie. Perhaps surprisingly, the original animated Disney version does NOT fall into this category. Perhaps this is because I have watched it about forty times in my life time, if not more. It feels like that much. My grandma's house has very few movies, and that was the best one there. So I watched it nearly every time we came over. I'm amazed that it still works after all the kids have spent hours watching it repeatedly!
I really like the live-action 2003 version of Peter Pan, starring Jeremy Sumpter as the infamous boy who wouldn't grow up. The music in it is fantastic, the acting superb, and the atmosphere brilliant.
I also have a soft spot for Finding Neverland for several reasons: It has a good soundtrack, Johnny Depp stars as James Matthew Barrie, and it's about a writer and Peter Pan! Freddie Highmore is in it to, and that helps.
Now I add Hook. Robin Williams as Peter Pan, Dustin Hoffman as Hook (Hoffman was also in Finding Neverland, BTW).
One of the things that so enchanted me about Hook is the kids. I love kids. Even when they're ornery. Kids are just so cute! And Hook has a ton of adorable kids in it. One of my favorite parts is the part where Pockets (a little lost boy) comes up to Peter and starts pushing the corners of his mouth up so he smiles, and smoothing out his forehead. "Oh, there you are Peter!"

That part was just such a magical part of the movie, with the calm music in the background and the late day sun shining golden on their little faces.
I also love Thud. He's adorable! I know that all of them are all grown up now, of course, but they were very cute in the movie, and that just made it good for me.
Maggie Smith is great as Granny Wendy, and even better is Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell.
I like how, in this one, she isn't as spiteful as in all the other movies, but how she's spunky still. I thought it was cute when she wished she could be big enough to kiss Peter. And how she dressed up for him...very sweet.
I WANT the soundtrack now, and I'm sure I'll spend all of my money to order it once I get enough money to order some other things with it...perhaps. :D
I definitely recommend Hook, and can't wait until I have the initiative to order it for our messy collection of DVDs.
Plus, here's your June Movie of the Month.


Roo said...

This looks like a good movie... About Peter Pan huh?
He's so cute.. Lol


Roland said...

Peter Pan???? isn't that a cartoon?


Anna said...

It is a good movie. One of my new favorites. Thanks for commenting!

Anna said...

You should have read the whole thing Roland. There is a cartoon, but there is more than one movie.

The Never Fairy said...

Hey there!
Glad you like Peter Pan!
As fun a movie as "Hook" may be, actually it contradicts facts of Barrie's original stories. It's a "What If?" game indeed, but it is just cannot be considered a true sequel.
Actually, all the prequels and sequels that have come out contradict Barrie... except one.
A new Peter Pan novel is on the way and it's based on Barrie's idea to continue Pan's adventure.
Click on my name for the announcement page!


roland said...

Yeah.. I've heard its really good.. Tell me. tHat guy on the cover looks really familiar.. who is he?

Anna said...

This is true. Although Hook isn't an official sequel...I still found the magic of Barrie's land which he created. I was a bit disappointed in the book, I'm afraid.

roo said...

Peter Pan has been one of my favorite fairytales ever since I was kid.. I need to buy this movie..


Anna said...

That's probably Robin Williams Roland. BTW, Never Fairy, your book looks cool

Mikaela said...

I've seen that movie on tv several times, however I keep seeing it in parts. :\