Thursday, June 12, 2008

She Must and Shall Go Free

As usual, when I was finished with Planet Waves and How to Grow a Woman from the Ground (and one other, can't remember which least I think there was another one) I borrowed some more CD's from Andy. Among those was Derek Webb's CD about The Church.
She Must and Shall Go Free was a song on Indelible Grace III: For All the Saints too.
I love this CD.
It has a great sound, beautiful songs, beautiful words, and Derek Webb's authentic voice delivers the message of the songs well.
Among my favorite songs were Awake My Soul, Nobody Loves Me, Crooked Deep Down, Lover, Beloved, Wedding Dress....I guess that's almost all of them, but that is beside the point. :)
The CD is basically about The Church (there is also a song with the title : The Church)
and what it means, what it's about...and what we, as Christians, are about in the Church.
I really enjoyed the CD (and now eagerly await more Derek Webb).
Five stars.
I think that some of these songs are old hymns too....not positive, because there are a ton of old ones that I haven't heard! I definitely prefer most of the new tunes set to old hymns though. Modern sound with old Theology!

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