Saturday, July 19, 2008

Farworld: The Water Keep

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I signed up for J. Scott Savage's Farworld Blog Tour several months ago, and now I'm posting my review.

First, I thought it was very good. I liked how he made it nearly impossible for them to save Farworld, and yet, they are still on their way to doing just that. I love stories where there seems to be absolutely no way to do what you need to, and then you manage it. No Hope Stories, like The Lord of the Rings. How are two tiny little people called hobbits possibly going to manage to get to Mordor on their own and still survive? Yet, they still manage, and there is a happy ending..but it's a well-deserved happy ending.

I loved the part about Galespinner. I thought she was absolutely beautiful, in fact, that I really want to do an art project of her sometime. I was so impressed with her description and her personality.

"A moment later, Marcus caught a movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned in time to see something appear silently out of the fog. Although it stood on four legs, it wasn't any kind of horse he had ever seen. At least a foot taller than Chance, and nearly twice as broad in the chest, its body was an almost blinding white. But it was the head he couldn't take his eyes from. It was narrow like a bird's, but covered with pale golden scales. And inside its beak-like mouth he could see sharp white teeth. Growing from the top of its head and down the back of its neck was a mane of gauzy golden tendrils that looked like fairy-wings. As he watched, the creature glared down at him with blazing orange eyes, reared up on its hind legs, and snorted. Plumes of white steam shot from the creature's nostrils. Marcus backed away from it, scared to death. He was not going to get on the back of that. But Kyja stepped slowly toward it, a look of awe on her face. She turned to Master Therapass. "A mist steed?"

Can you just imagine getting on the back of that thing? Really imagine it. It's pretty cool.
I also really enjoyed the part where Marcus and Kyja were in The Water Keep. I liked how, just when I thought I could predict the plot perfectly, I would be surprised. I liked that Marcus, Kyja and Riph-Raph had to keep going back and forth to Earth, and that Riph-Raph had to turn into some kind of Earth a lizard. :) I thought that was a good plot twist, because most YA Fantasy Fiction take place in one world or the other; they don't go back and forth. That was a great new idea.

The two things about the book that I would change is that Bonesplinter wasn't all that scary to me, and I think that the voice in which the book was written wasn't very creative. Both of those things are definitely fixable, though, and the book is also targeted at younger ages, which could account for Bonesplinter not being very scary to me.

Other than those two things, I think the book was really good, and I look forward to reading the sequel and seeing the illustrations! I hope I can get a copy of the hardback.
Farworld: The Water Keep comes out in September of '08. An excellent story; a very pleasant, engaging read with enjoyable characters. Check it out!

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