Sunday, August 17, 2008

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Ah, E.T.

Ever since I saw it all the way through for the second time in my life, last October, I have really admired E.T., and have recently decided it is one of my favorites.

My review from October puts it lightly how much I like this movie. I wish I were Elliot so I could meet E.T.
First of all, this movie is incredibly original. I'm sure there are a ton of movies where kids sneak in pets that they are not allowed to have. But how many kids sneak in extra-terrestrials?
This might be my favorite Steven Spielberg movie, of what I've seen. I'm starting to get really interested in seeing some of his others.

I am getting this for my birthday (Mom and Dad don't worry about surprising me...I actually ordered it myself on a birthday budget!), and it has both the 2oth Anniversary Edit and the original from the eighties. I haven't seen the edit, but I love the original! I also ordered the soundtrack for myself, which I love. John Williams is a fantastic composer. I have two soundtracks of his, and I hope to expand.

Second of all, the acting is supreme. It really does take talent to act, and just because you or in a movie doesn't mean you can act. Probably the worst example I can think of is Facing the Giants, which is a good movie with a wonderful story, but there were not very good actors. Some of them were pretty awful.
Henry Thomas plays Elliot, a lonely kid without any friends. E.T. changes that. E.T. was inspired by a childhood friend of Spielberg's after his parent's divorce. Movies and stories inspired by stuff like that have a ton of emotion behind them. E.T. is no exception.
Drew Barrymore plays his sarcastic little sister. Spielberg was impressed with her stories of running a punk rock band. I think that's funny. :D
So, since I've been listening to the soundtrack since the Floo Helmets (I got the soundtrack the day after Mikaela and I made the space helmets) and since this is August, and this month is my birthday, and this is one of my favorite movies and I'm getting this movie for my birthday, it is August Movie of the Month.
There are a lot of other things that are great about this movie, but don't let me spoil it for you. Watch it yourself. :D This has got to be the greatest movie about extra-terrestrials ever made.

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