Sunday, August 17, 2008

Minority Report

The other night we watched Minority Report with Jason and Shannon. Very excellent and very weird.
Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, a pre-crime police officer who heads the pre-crime police office. The movie takes place in 2054, and there hasn't been a murder in several years. Remember it's called pre-crime. The reason for this is because that pre-crime is apprehending criminals based on knowledge of the future, obtained from psychics called pre-cogs. Their names are Agatha, (and I don't remember the other two, which are the boys.)

Sounds great doesn't it? There never being a murder? Complicated, confusing, and sometimes dangerous, especially when John Anderton witnesses himself murdering a man he's never heard of, thirty-six hours from the moment he sees it. He's not a killer. He runs to prove his innocence, finding out astonishing secrets about the pre-cogs along the way. He even gets a new pair of eyes.

Minority Report was great science fiction. Creepy, yes. But that's to be expected with science fiction. I suggest it for people who are fans of The Matrix and War of the Worlds. Creepy, gross, full of cool gadgets. Futuristic. Excellent.

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