Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today we went to see Wall-E on my 'birthday outing' where Mom and Dad take me to see a movie, go to the restaurant of my choice, and the past two years they took me to Barnes and Noble. Last year I got a candy bar, this year I got Starbucks.
I thought Wall-E was fun, cute, and I loved listening to the robot voices. The short at the beginning of the movie, Presto was really funny too...about a magician and his two magic hats and his rabbit. Dying of hunger.
Walle is about a robot, designed to clean up garbage and organize it into mountains of cubes.
However, most robots don't have something that Walle has. A personality. A personality with a mind of its own....and Walle's only companion on an earth that has become a trash dump is a cockroach.
We follow Walle as he meets another, very pretty female Robot named Eve, falls in love with her, travels after her into space, and how she eventually falls in love with Walle. Excellent, and the soundtrack was pretty good. LOF!


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awesome LOL

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Renee & Phillip

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