Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Anne of Green Gables

I've just finished reading a wonderful book....and I'm quite sure that as long as I read enough of L. M. Montgomery, my already hopeless romantic personality will never be quenched. Of course, I would never let anything happen to it anyway, but Anne really brings out the feminine part of it! My dear Aunt Darla (I'm sorry, I just finished! I'm still thinking like Anne) told me that I was a bit like Anne's intellectual side. I wasn't content to just be like Diana....I prefer Anne a thousand times over.

I began Anne of Green Gables on Monday, and I just completed the thirty-eighth and final chapter. I feel exhausted! I've been reading it vigorously for an hour and a half or something, and I've finished! I'm so proud of myself. I'm always excited to notice similarities between myself and characters or authors I read about, and I've noticed that Anne and I both tend to rattle on about nothing at all, except that it seems very important to us at the time. Dad has laughed at some things I have said before about ice cream....but honestly. Don't you think that all that smooth, creamy chocolate syrup on hot fudge sundaes looks like a blanket? I'm disappointed that that doesn't sound as romantic as I wished it would, but oh well. I was just looking at my thumbs, and I held the book so tightly and rubbed the pages so many times that some of the ink rubbed off! My thumbs are gray. I think that's funny....

And I'm so excited that I finished reading it! And that I have this whole myriad of L. M. Montgomery books before me for the fall.....the next two on my last are Pat of Silver Bush and Anne of Avonlea. Pat of Silver Bush I have started so many times.....and I loved it when Mom read it to me. It's actually a perfect October book, so perhaps it shall be October honorary book of the month or something. In any case, Anne of Green Gables makes it for September book of the month, and I'm sorry it's the end of September before I'm posting it! I'll post again very soon, I imagine. IMAGINE! Isn't imagining fun! That's why I'm going to be a writer. God gave me my imagination, right, so I want to put it to good use. :D
As an after thought, although I admire red hair, I don't think I would trade my brown. Nut brown. But my name isn't Cordelia. I would rather be named....if I had to pick...hmm. For some reason I like the name Gillian right now. But I'm kind of attached to my name, so perhaps I could just imagine that I have...a tiger friend that talks. YES! That would be awesome. If only and I wish.....Good night....for real this time...Sweet Dreams....

Cool Poster.

The Dark Knight

WOW!!!! Last night I spent the night with Jason and Shannon and the kids (which was soooo much fun!) and Jason took me to see The Dark Knight. We started out the evening with a amazingly delicious dinner fixed by Shannon, which included several of my favorites...fried chicken, cheese potatoes, cheesecake, and even broccoli with cheese on top. Then we played with the kids for a while, watched Hannah and Joel climb on Jason....Hannah has been home for a month or so now, and she's been really shy about letting us hold her, but she's gotten to where she isn't quite so shy with me, because yesterday she acted like she wanted me to pick her up, and when I put her back down, she wanted me to pick her up again! I was so excited. I still am! And she let me play with her a lot that evening. Noah, who doesn't ever act as shy as Hannah, was more shy last night than she was. I only held him once, and the rest of the evening he kind of stayed close to Shannon or Jason. Joel and I also had fun hiding from mosquitoes and monsters. We hide from monsters a lot, and we often have discussions about how scary they are or aren't. Joel usually votes for how scary they are....I usually vote for they aren't so bad. :D After watching some of The Biggest Loser and Without a Trace, Jason and I headed to Tinseltown and stopped at a United and got some candy. Hershey' I love solid milk chocolate. It's like a mouthful of joy. No wait. It IS a mouthful of joy. :D I had sooo much fun watching The Dark Knight! Although Gotham's existence wasn't as threatened as it was in the first one, the whole theme and layout of the movie was dark. Heath Ledger did a really good job as the Joker...which his next to last role. The Joker was very creepy....I fell asleep thinking about him and Harvey Dent. Yuck. I didn't like Harvey Dent, not even from the beginning. Especially not at the end. Especially not when (SPOILERS) Rachel agreed to marry him instead of Bruce...she SAID she would wait for him! Gosh. At least he never found out. Oh, and especially not when Batman decided to take the blame for the murders that Dent committed. I liked the new one a lot, although it lacks some of the humor from the first one, and you see more of Batman than you do Bruce Wayne. It's definitely darker. The beginning was pretty funny. But I won't reveal any more! You'll have to watch it yourself. It was brilliant, it really was. I can't wait for them to make a third one. I give it ten out of it was good! I think it's the highest grossing movie of all time except for the Titanic.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Magic of Autumn

Ooh it's happened!

Every year whenever the chilly winds of autumn finally hit Brownfield, I get the biggest bug to start reading and writing...a lot.

Fantasy is my preferred genre....and I can thank my brother and Peter Jackson for that. I remember that when we first saw the trailer for The Lord of the Rings, I didn't really know what to think about it, and I didn't really care....until Brian started getting all excited about it, and then I remember how Mom talked to him on the phone about it, and I remember her taking notes on what was in it so she would remember....there were things called orcs, and dark black pits where old guys fell in! We heard about it from word of mouth, first Brian, then Andy.

And then we went to see it!
I didn't get really crazy about it until I started watching the extended editions...courtesy of Brian, again. And then Brian let me borrow his copy.....of the book. Oh, I didn't get very far. Not far at all. I started it countless times; always trying to finish it. I finally gave it back to him, several years later, still unfinished.

Then, I made up my mind that I was going to read the whole trilogy; and I made it through the first two. After that, The Return of the King wasn't interesting enough to continue reading; I was burned out of Tolkien and all that heavy literary language. It was difficult to read, still is a bit difficult to read, but it's so worth it!

And then, as I get steadily more interested yet again, I did it. I read the entire trilogy, although I admit that I haven't read all of the appendices. I have a fair-sized Tolkien Library, but I don't have half of the books available!

Just thinking about Frodo and Sam and Merry and Pippin...and Aragorn and Legolas makes me want to DO something about it. So my plan is to get some of those books I keep putting off finishing out of the way, finish the Silmarillion and those pesky but wonderful appendices, and start another Tolkien book. Save up for an Enya CD, maybe read some Tolkien Letters.....Autumn is great isn't it?

Even my dog (ironically named Autumn) changed in the fall. She's pretty blond throughout the summer and spring, but she sheds all of her fur and gets this pretty red coat for fall and winter. I can't wait to see what she looks like when I finally get around to giving her a bath and cutting those matts off...then she'll be the prettiest dog on the street, or at least, I think so.

I'm going to stop my rambles now, because it's a beautiful day and I've got a lot to do. School for instance. House cleaning. Stick-throwing (Autumn and I both enjoy this activity) and book-reading. I'm especially looking forward to the book-reading. And I need to throw together a special playlist with elvish-sounding songs on iTunes for the Silmarillion for me to listen to. Thanks for reading this Roverrandom post (probably only Tolkien people will get that) and I hope that you're having a great fall too!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Martian Child

Recently we joined Net Flix, and I've had fun looking for clean science fiction movies. One of the ones I found was Martian Child, a story about a science fiction writer whose wife died two years ago and who wants very much to adopt a child.

He gets Dennis, a little boy that insists that he is from Mars. The Martian Child tells the journey of how David Gordon, an awkward writer, learns how to be a dad to this little boy that says he is from Mars, and how they eventually learn to love each other, despite the struggles.

I think this is a really great movie, with a nice performance from John Cusack, who plays David Gordon, and Bobby Coleman, who plays the Martian Child, Dennis.

Joan Cusack, John Cusack's real life sister, plays David Gordon's sister Liz.

It was interesting to watch for the first time, and fun to watch a second time (I watched part of it over with Dad) and I thought the whole movie was really sweet and kind of funny in some places. My favorite part is when Dennis teaches David to dance...I think it was a Martian Dance, probably.

I liked it so much that it is September Movie of the Month...if I finish any books this month, I'll post two, since I forgot to last month.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Awards and Tags and Answers. And..JK

Mike tagged me, and I'll do my best about tagging, except I don't really have enough bloggers that will do this. Sorry. So....maybe I can thanks for the award Mike.

1. Where is your cell phone? idk
2. Where is your significant other? Say What
3. Your hair color? nut brown....:D
4. Your mother? here
5. Your father? work
6. Your favorite thing?good books/movies. sorry, more than one word.
7. Your dream last night? gone
8. Your dream/goal? there are two many for one word.
9. The room you're in? living room
10. Your hobby? several
11. Your fear? again, unexplainable in one word
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? family
13. Where were you last night? pirates 3
14. What you're not? perfect
15. One of your wish-list items? hoodie
16. Where you grew up? Earth
17. The last thing you did? breathed
18. What are you wearing? turtleneck
19. Your TV? living room
20. Your pet(s)? dog
21. Your computer? Toshiba
22. Your mood? relaxed
23. Missing someone? yah
24. Your car? ukon
25. Something you're not wearing? shoes
26. Favorite store? american eagle
27. Your summer? awesome
28. Love someone? family
29. Your favorite color? all colors
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? idk

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I'm doing this post to review Close Encounters of the Third Kind and to appease Mike, because she says that I need to update my blog.
So here.

Close Encounters was....different. Not exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed watching it. Here's my take;
It was a bit slow getting off, and it was pretty long. It seemed like there were a lot of boring spots for all of the interesting ones, and it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if Richard Dreyfuss hadn't been in it. That was why the movie was as good as it was....for me at least. He's a really good actor. I can't decide if I like him better in Close Encounters or Jaws...or What About Bob? those are the only three I've seen him in.

The space ships in this were really really cool. That was one of the best parts. Those were really cool, especially for a seventies movie.

I liked Close Encounters except for the few long boring spots and the general length. It just seemed really long. It lacked the enchantment that E.T. had, as it's really more of an adult drama. So. Not my favorite Spielberg movie, but definitely worth seeing. I don't know if I woudl want to own it or not though.....