Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I'm doing this post to review Close Encounters of the Third Kind and to appease Mike, because she says that I need to update my blog.
So here.

Close Encounters was....different. Not exactly what I expected, but I enjoyed watching it. Here's my take;
It was a bit slow getting off, and it was pretty long. It seemed like there were a lot of boring spots for all of the interesting ones, and it wouldn't have been nearly as interesting if Richard Dreyfuss hadn't been in it. That was why the movie was as good as it was....for me at least. He's a really good actor. I can't decide if I like him better in Close Encounters or Jaws...or What About Bob? those are the only three I've seen him in.

The space ships in this were really really cool. That was one of the best parts. Those were really cool, especially for a seventies movie.

I liked Close Encounters except for the few long boring spots and the general length. It just seemed really long. It lacked the enchantment that E.T. had, as it's really more of an adult drama. So. Not my favorite Spielberg movie, but definitely worth seeing. I don't know if I woudl want to own it or not though.....

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