Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Dark Knight

WOW!!!! Last night I spent the night with Jason and Shannon and the kids (which was soooo much fun!) and Jason took me to see The Dark Knight. We started out the evening with a amazingly delicious dinner fixed by Shannon, which included several of my favorites...fried chicken, cheese potatoes, cheesecake, and even broccoli with cheese on top. Then we played with the kids for a while, watched Hannah and Joel climb on Jason....Hannah has been home for a month or so now, and she's been really shy about letting us hold her, but she's gotten to where she isn't quite so shy with me, because yesterday she acted like she wanted me to pick her up, and when I put her back down, she wanted me to pick her up again! I was so excited. I still am! And she let me play with her a lot that evening. Noah, who doesn't ever act as shy as Hannah, was more shy last night than she was. I only held him once, and the rest of the evening he kind of stayed close to Shannon or Jason. Joel and I also had fun hiding from mosquitoes and monsters. We hide from monsters a lot, and we often have discussions about how scary they are or aren't. Joel usually votes for how scary they are....I usually vote for they aren't so bad. :D After watching some of The Biggest Loser and Without a Trace, Jason and I headed to Tinseltown and stopped at a United and got some candy. Hershey' I love solid milk chocolate. It's like a mouthful of joy. No wait. It IS a mouthful of joy. :D I had sooo much fun watching The Dark Knight! Although Gotham's existence wasn't as threatened as it was in the first one, the whole theme and layout of the movie was dark. Heath Ledger did a really good job as the Joker...which his next to last role. The Joker was very creepy....I fell asleep thinking about him and Harvey Dent. Yuck. I didn't like Harvey Dent, not even from the beginning. Especially not at the end. Especially not when (SPOILERS) Rachel agreed to marry him instead of Bruce...she SAID she would wait for him! Gosh. At least he never found out. Oh, and especially not when Batman decided to take the blame for the murders that Dent committed. I liked the new one a lot, although it lacks some of the humor from the first one, and you see more of Batman than you do Bruce Wayne. It's definitely darker. The beginning was pretty funny. But I won't reveal any more! You'll have to watch it yourself. It was brilliant, it really was. I can't wait for them to make a third one. I give it ten out of it was good! I think it's the highest grossing movie of all time except for the Titanic.


Mikaela said...

i hate you. you saw it with out me.. you muggle brained GIT!! :[[[[

Anna said...

well, you haven't drowned yet. that's good. but don't worry. i mean....i promise to watch it with you at Christmas since i'm totally gonna buy it when it comes out!'re a runny babbit. :D