Friday, October 31, 2008

Blink of an Eye

Okay, this is actually the real new post, or the good new post. So, update on myself before the review...

Last week, Brian and Holly came to Texas and stayed with us. It was great! I got to spend a lot of time with Stephen, Matthew and Susanna, all of which I never get to see. They are all so cute! Stephen is really into Bionicles, Legos, and Bionicle Lego computer games. :D He's also starting to get into Lord of the Rings, and I got to read to him from The Fellowship while he was here before he went to bed every night. He stopped me every paragraph or so to ask a question, and I think the cutest was when he asked me what it meant when Gandalf's eyes 'glinted.' [Gandalf looked at Frodo, and his eyes glinted.]
I wasn't sure how to make him understand that, but I did my best. Stephen kept on rolling his eyes and moving them around funny and asking me if that's what it meant. I tried to explain that it meant that they were sort of sparkling, and when he finally figured it out, he said: "Is it when light is sort of shining on them?"
Triumphant, I said, "Yes!"
Stephen: "Your eyes are sort of glintering right now!"
Me: "Thank you! Yours are too!"
He cracks me up. Unfortunately, several of us were sick, and by the last night, I had a severe sore throat, and then I got the stomach bug, which I had for twenty-four hours. I was alright for two days, but last night I made the mistake of reading too much and eating a few pieces of fried balogna and then I lost it later. :(
I feel good today, though, and last night, when I was trying to relax and go to sleep, I managed to finish Blink of an Eye.
Blink of an Eye is a rewrite of Blink, which was first published in 2003. Blink of an Eye was published in 2007. According to the Dekker interview in the back of the book, he mostly changed the romance thread of the story, and made it 'tighter.'
Blink of an Eye is a mystery novel about a Saudi Arabian princess, Miriam, and a brillaint college student named Seth with an IQ that challenges Einstein. Miriam flees Saudi Arabia whn she finds out that she is to be given to a man named Omar bin Khalid in marriage. Once she makes it to the United States, she's nearly taken back by some agent sent by....I can't remember who sent the agents actually. But she's nearly taken back to Saudi Arabia, or nearly killed, until Seth intervenes. Seth starts having premonitions about things that are about to happen, and at first just labels it as deja vu. While in the middle of a speech, he sees a woman being shot, and barely manages to save her. His actions throw him and Miriam in together, and Seth uses his gift to keep himself and Miriam alive.
It was a fast paced, page-turning book that I enjoyed from the moment I opened it. I don't think anything will ever top The Circle Trilogy, but besides that, Blink of an Eye is the best Dekker book I've read. Blink of an Eye offers a glimpse of Middle East traditions and rituals, and Dekker's honest prose captures his characters as if they were actually real people. Something funny I've noticed in the last two Dekker books I've read (the other was Saint) is that Dekker sometimes labels his characters as looking like a movie Saint, the villain resembled Jude Law, and in Blink of an Eye, one of Seth's professors looked like Charleton Heston. I thought that was funny. I definitely recommend it! Eight and a half stars on the ten star rating system. :D Plus, it's honorary book of the month. And I did get it on time! Oh cool, today's Halloweeney. Today is also Dwalyn Kitt's Birthday, which is one of the main characters in my book.


Mikaela said...

Actually Deaf people can feel the beat of the music AND they can READ lyrics. Soo.. :]

Anna said...

Okay, thanks soooo much for clearing that up for me. but it makes more sense for her to be mute, but whatever. the point is that it is awesome.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I had to get that out of my system.

Anyway I actually didn't read the post I just wanted to let y'all know what I was thinking.

Ummm I guess I'll go read the post now and leave a normal comment.,

Anna said...

I am so excited about Tech Brandon!

I'm not really, but I'm glad you're excited. :D

Mythopoeia said...

Interesting sounding book, I might look into that. And your story about explaining 'glinting' was adorable; it made me chuckle, especially because I've read 'LOTR' to siblings and therefore know what an enjoyable challenge it is! Makes me happy to know that I'm not the only one who believes that 'LOTR' is a book for all ages ;)

Mikaela said...

LOL I just read your profile update! Aww! You gave that tall man some flowers!XD XD!!!

Anna said...


Yes, it was funny to hear Stephen asking me about glinting! He is so full of questions. I wish that I had read LOTR at an earlier age, but I actually only completed Return of the King for the first time this year, and I'm already considering beginning the trilogy anew! I have loved every Tolkien book that I have finished, and I am currently in the middle of the Silmarillion, which has been very magical so far, even if it is difficult to read. I can see why so many people quit it after a few chapters, but I'm such a Tolkien fanatic I can't abandon it. Blink of an Eye was very good, and a good Dekker book to start with. The Circle Trilogy was amazing though! That's what I would start with if you were just getting into him.

Aww, you gave that tall man some flowers! That just cracks me up. Hilarious! We should totally watch that sometime.