Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Music I've been Enjoying lately.....

I've bought, borrowed and been given several CD's over the past few months. First, the CD's I was given:

1. Peter Pan, by James Newton Howard
Mom and Dad got this for me for my birthday. It's an absolutely beautiful soundtrack..pleasant on the 'boring tracks' thrilling on the violent tracks, and breath-taking on its best ones. James Newton Howard is a really fantastic composer...I really want to get the soundtracks to Unbreakable and Signs, two of his other very best. Just go to iTunes and listen to the sample track of "I Do Believe in Fairies" or "Flying" and you'll see what I mean by breath-taking on its best ones.

2. Raising Sand, by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.
Andy and Alissa gave me this one for my birthday. I had heard it before, but I was thrilled to get it. I found a new favorite on it this time though; Stick With Me Baby. I didn't remember liking it as much as I do now; maybe I over listened to my other favorites. It's really a beautiful CD, with nice, mellow songs. I put together a playlist of songs to put me to sleep (sometimes I do fall asleep listening to music) and several from Raising Sand are on it.

CD's I bought for myself:

3. Heroes and Thieves by Vanessa Carlton.
I found out about Vanessa Carlton from the music video for her song Ordinary Day. She's not as good as Michelle Branch, and I think she's a little bit darker. The song that the CD is named for is cool, though, as are Nolita Fairytale, Fools Like Me, Home (the sweetest song on the album) and Spring Street. My Best is pretty good. The others a little bit blah. This Time and More than This are good though...:D

4. Be Not Nobody by Vanessa Carlton
I bought her first CD too, and I'm disappointed. There are only four songs on it I really care about listening to...all the others are boring and gothish. I'll probably take them off of my iPod eventually. She covers the Rolling Stones song Paint It Black on this CD....she has a boring version. So, her last CD was a lot better than this one, I think. I really wish I hadn't wasted my money on this one. Heroes and Thieves was worth it, but the only songs really worth it on Be Not Nobody was Ordinary Day, A Thousand Miles, Pretty Baby and Twilight. So shrugs. I recommend Heroes and Thieves over this one, but a few of the songs on this one are definitely worth listening to/ buying.

CD's I borrowed from Andy and Alissa

5. Live by Alison Krauss and Union Station
I had heard this of my favorite traveling memories is when it was after dark in December, and Mom and Dad and I were going to Brian and Holly's in Indiana. We kept on going through little towns, and it was snowing, and were listening to these. I just remember it because I thought it was so pretty how all the street lights were lighting the snow all orange and blue and stuff, and it was really cozy and fun to have Alison Krauss playing all through it. My favorites were the ones I was familiar with; I never listened to every song. Let Me Touch You For Awhile, Maybe, Every Time You Say Goodbye, New Favorite and Stay I particularly enjoyed.

6. Desire by Bob Dylan
I liked this CD a lot more than I thought I would, which is often the case with these Bob Dylan CD's. I really really liked Hurricane, which was my favorite song on the album. I like how he used violin music and almost a spanish sounding style on it or was really different sounding, and I liked it a lot. Joey was a cool song too, and I liked all the other songs moderately. Joey and Hurricane were my favorites, because they were the most interesting to me. I like listening to Romance in Durango too though...I like the harmony vocals on all the songs.


BTW, be checking Sock Monkeys for CD's Books and Movies of the Month from me and Mikaela....if she'll ever post hers....:D


J.N. Future Author said...

I love the soundtrack for peter pan! im not sure where it is on there, but the part (on the movie) where wendy kisses peter and he turns bright red. the song that plays there has got to be the most inspiring song on that whole soundtrack!

Anna said...

I think it's "I Do Believe in Fairies" or "Flying Jolly Roger" or "Peter Returns" or something like that. But I know what you mean!

J.N. Future Author said...

it may be peter returns - that would be the one i would guess it is...its a great song! ^.^

Anna said...

Yeah, it might be. It's hard to tell...they might not have that track exactly on there.

Alissa said...

i really like the song "hurricane" too. in fact, i really like all of dylan's protest songs.

Anna said...

Hurricane just has this great classic sound...but then it's so unique too, you know? :D

Mikaela said...

Don't worry! I will put on Book/Movie/CD of the month.. today in fact! :]

Anna said...

I've only put up the CD of the Month myself. I'll be getting around to movie and book within the next two weeks though....

Mikaela said...

you have the nerve of calling me a dork when you haven't even bought a Jonas Brothers song yet!!! :O