Saturday, November 29, 2008


YAHOO!!!! GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!! Our internet is working again! I am so excited. I called and talked to the Windstream people, and they were very helpful and patient and helped me get our internet working. Hopefully it will stay up now. So now I can bombard the few faithful readers that I have with posts. Actually, just a few. :D I started another Ted Dekker book yesterday that I bought several months ago with Saint. Mardel has great deals on Ted Dekker books. If you must buy them in a store, Mardel is the place to go. I started Chosen yesterday, and finished it today. I was nearly halfway through the book when I quit last night, and this afternoon I read the last sixteen chapters. It was simple and easy to read. The plot was good and kept me reading. I was actually surprised at how quickly I was drawn in...and then stuck. I stayed up a little later than I intended last night to read more until sleep was more appealing.... Anyway. Chosen is about a sixteen year old boy named Johnis. Thomas Hunter, the commander of the Forest Guard (yes, the Lost Books series takes place in the same world as The Circle Trilogy. The Lost Books takes place in the fifteen years between Black and Red.) has pushed the age limit on joining the Forest Guard from eighteen to sixteen. Johnis was one of the first in line to join, but was turned away because he was too small, too weak. While watching some of the new recruits of the Forest Guard play 'football,' a game that Thomas Hunter says come from his dreams, Johnis suddenly finds himself hiding the ball (made of Horde hair) from the players, the four that will very likely be chosen to be Thomas Hunter's new commanders. Johnis suddenly finds himself one of the chosen four, and is sent on a quest to retrive four catalina cacti and bring them back, all in one piece. The other three don't like him, call him names, and taunt him, even before he begins to see the Shataiki bats in the trees. Johnis is thrown into a world that many call legend or myth when he meets two Roush, white bats that are the enemies of the Shataiki and followers of Elyon, the YHWH figure in Ted Dekker's world of colorful forests, bats, and green water. Michal and Gibal, the two Roush, tell Johnis that he must find the seven lost Books of History, and he is to tell only his three comrades, all of which seem to think him crazy, accept perhaps for Sylvie, who seems to be more open to him than the other too. I love Roush! And especially Gibal. You have to read the books....but the fuzzy white bats with their glowing green orbs for eyes are sort of like angels in Ted Dekker's fantasy world. Chosen was excellent, much better than Showdown and Saint, although not quite up to par with The Circle Trilogy. Chosen references both Skin and Showdown. I haven't read Skin yet, but it only referenced it a little. You only have to read the back of Skin to understand what Dekker was talking about. Seven stars! Also book of the month over at Sock Monkeys! Definitely worth reading, but you MUST read The Circle Trilogy first, and you'll understand it better if you have read Showdown, but it isn't entirely necessary. The Lost Books series is targeted at younger readers, one of the reasons it was such an easy read, and so fast. Can't wait to read Infidel!

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