Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello, Happy Thanksgiving, and...hmm

Hey everybody!

I know I haven't posted in a looong time, but there is a reason.

Windstream internet service is having problems. We're having problems. In other words, we've been without properly working internet for over a week. I'm at my Dad's office, using his computer, since mine at home are currently unusuable. I don't think unusuable is a word, but who cares? It is now. I made it up. Unusuable. You should start using it! :D

So, when and if I ever get internet back, I will post about movies, Christmas Shopping, and book reviews, and book and movie of the month and all that. Thanks for commenting on Rescue Dawn everyone! Keep it up.

Also, don't forget to check out Sock Monkeys. Mikaela and I work hard to keep it updated.

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