Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reading....WHY don't you have time for it?

Hello everyone!

I was just on my brother's blog where he linked this article on President Bush's reading habits.

If the President can read forty books a year, why shouldn't you be able to read a hundred or more? I'm not saying that I will live up to this standard, but it would be fun to try, wouldn't it? And good for me too. I wonder if I'll ever remember how important it is to read lots of different books, different genres, different authors, different styles. I'll have to see what I can do to record what books I read, review the ones I feel like, and keep a count on how many I manage to finish next year. Just a fun thought!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve everybody!

I don't know who'll be reading this. I just felt like telling everybody who might stop by today Merry Christmas. I always check my mail if the computer is working, even on holidays, and if I check my mail I check my blog reader, so maybe some of you will be doing the same.

Today we're going to my Nanah's, and I'll see my brothers and their families, and at least one uncle. :D I don't know who all will be there, but I'm excited to go.

This morning I have to make a pie to take up there, which I'm excited about because it is my favorite pie in the world. Heh heh (It has a whole pound of Hershey's milk chocolate in it.)
It's also very easy, so I promised Nanah I would bring one.

BTW, some if this music below is really pretty, and I've been listening to it on youtube, so I thought I would just post it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas though.
Also, for those of you who liked the Village Soundtrack and the Peter Pan soundtrack, the composer, James Newton Howard, composed the Lady in the Water soundtrack. :D

Monday, December 15, 2008

Movie of the Month: The Nativity Story

All I'll say is that I really like this movie a lot, and that it reminds me of why we really celebrate Christmas. It's very well done. You should get it and watch this Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Hello virtual peoples!

I recently finished reading TLWW for the second or third time, along with a chapter-by-chapter commentary on it, and tonight I watched the movie, so I thought I would post some thoughts.

The Book:
First, I have always thought that Narnia was great, but not fantastic or amazing. Or at least, it feels like that. Rereading TLWW made me change my mind; Narnia is amazing. Rereading the book with the commentary deepened my appreciation for what many consider Lewis's greatest work.

Reading it with the commentary was eye-opening to all the little details and also the way that Lewis writes. There are so many hidden meanings...or at least the author of the commentary says so. Note before I go on: I wonder if the author of the commentary (Devin Brown) was reading stuff into the story, or if he was just suggesting things? It just makes me wonder how much was really behind Narnia. Maybe people think that there is more than there is. It's possible.

Anyway, the book was a lot more enjoyable to read with a commentary, because I understood and appreciated so much more of it, and I got lots of cool facts about C.S. Lewis and his writing style and stuff like that.

When I reached the chapter where Peter, Susan and Lucy first meet Aslan, I was moved. I don't remember being moved before...Aslan was completely majestic, and literally awesome. (I use the word awesome a lot, but most of the things that we use it for aren't really awesome. Does anybody pause to actually check what that word means? It comes from the word awe, and the word awesome has become slang for 'cool' or 'neat.' Here's a link to see what the word awe actually means. I'm not saying you shouldn't say awesome...I'm just saying that I like to know what awe actually is if I'm going to use 'awesome' for slang. ) Aslan is really awesome. It is one of the greatest parts of the book when they first meet Aslan. It makes me wonder how great it's gonna be to meet Christ!

(Although Aslan is not an allegory for Christ, he is a Christ-figure.)

Then, when the White Witch killed Aslan on the stone table, I empathized with Susan and Lucy, and I was actually kind of sad! It was a sad chapter, and I don't remember really having my thoughts provoked by that. I might have nearly cried; I can't remember.

I just remember that it was reminscent of that chapter in Red where Justin dies, and was sad then too.

Then there was the Eucatastrophe when Aslan came back to life, and he and Susan and Lucy had their amazing and wonderful romp before they rode Aslan to the Witch's castle, and Aslan breathed on the statues! Just like I had been sad when Aslan died, I was happy that he came back to life and that he and Susan and Lucy spent time together having fun before saving Narnia.

The book was more meaningful for me when I finished it this time, and I'm really looking forward to reading Prince Caspian now.

The Commentary:

Inside Narnia was a great chapter by chapter book on TLWW that has lots of great insights to C.S. Lewis and the world he created, and it deepened my appreciation of Narnia a lot. Maybe sometime I'll put some quotes up.

Devin Brown discusses characters, Lewis's writing style and Lewis himself, along with a myriad of other things in and out of the story that helped me to understand it a lot better. I'm going to read Devin Brown's commentary on Prince Caspian with the book, and I'm looking forward to it. For serious Lewis readers, this is a good book to get.

The Movie:

I don't have a whole lot to say about the movie, but I'll say a little.

First, the movie was well done. I like James McAvoy as Mr. Tumnus, and I like most of the other actors they got to be in it.

The parts with Aslan aren't quite the same, although I like the CG design of the lion. If you haven't read the book, you obviously won't appreciate the part when they meet Aslan as much, and the part when comes back to life isn't as meaningful either. I don't think that part did the book justice at all.

When Susan and Lucy go with Aslan and then watch the Witch kill him, I think that there are some things they could have done better, but the part from when Lucy and Susan go from their tent to when Aslan is resurrected, I thought it was done pretty well. The music was good there, and there was quiet emptyness in the feel of the movie that fit the part well.

However, Aslan lacked the majesty and awe that he has in the book, and as many others have noted....he is too tame in the movie, even though a character quotes from the book and says "After all, he is not a tame lion."

This is book of the month over at Sock Monkeys.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christian the Lion

I thought this was a cool video. It makes me so excited that God made animals and beautiful creatures like lions! I wish I could have one. :D

Hint to Mom and Dad: Can I have a lion cub for Christmas?

I think there was something about this being from the Born Free Foundation.....which is a cool movie.
Enjoy the video!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool update with Christmas Colors.

Okay, so yesterday me and my parents left at 7:35 am to go to Fort Worth for doctor stuff. I got to see my little cousin. We talked, made a big pile of leaves and jumped in it, posed for the camera, watched Boys Town, and made some funny videos. Funny Video One: The scene in Boys Town when Father Flanagan comes to get Whitey Marsh. Abby was Whitey, and I was Father Flanagan. Funny Video Two: The same scene, but I was Whitey Marsh and Abby was Father Flanagan. Funny Video Three: Scene in Boys Town where Mo was humming and looking really stupid and Whitey tells him to stop. I was Mo, Abby was Whitey again. Funny Video Four: Abby videoing me rake leaves, saying and singing stupid stuff. Funny Video Five: Abby telling me to say goodbye and singing "Bye Bye Birdie." Okay, enough about the five funny videos. On the way hope I slept, ate greasy sonic food and had a mocha flavored java chiller that was nothing compared to what Starbucks can do for you. I also read some in a Warriors book that has been sitting around for awhile, listened to the third Harry Potter soundtrack, and got a very good idea for a book. Two in two days. (I got a good one yesterday too.) I read a chapter in the Silmarillion, which is amazing. I wonder what Dad got me for Christmas? I wonder what Mikaela got me for Christmas?

I wonder what I got Mikaela for Christmas? Just kidding, it's already wrapped. Wasn't that the coolest update ever? Anna