Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christian the Lion

I thought this was a cool video. It makes me so excited that God made animals and beautiful creatures like lions! I wish I could have one. :D

Hint to Mom and Dad: Can I have a lion cub for Christmas?

I think there was something about this being from the Born Free Foundation.....which is a cool movie.
Enjoy the video!


Mikaela said...

Christian was hugging them!! LOL AT first I thought this was a trick video ya know and I was like "HE IS EATING THEIR FACE OFF!" XD I want a a pet lion too! He reminds of Buster. as he trotted up and see's his family. :3

Anna said...

isn't that cool?

Mythopoeia said...

Very sweet . . . But I'd freak if that thing jumped on me . . . he'd be running happily towards me and I'd scream and run away. Guess that'd ruin the inspirational moment ;)

Anna said...

I would freak too...I guess....but I still wish I could have a lion cub for Christmas.

Q said...

So I saw your question on James Dashner's blog, and it really made me think, then I came up with the right answer, but it's also a very unsatisfying answer.

It depends on the story.

Just like in the examples you gave, there are many ways to keep a reader reading.

You say you're writing a book, and so am I. But what works for my book isn't necessarily going to work for your book. In fact, I don't even know if my current (blasted) project is even that interesting or intriguing. It just intrigues me for now, and perhaps I'll change it later if I realize it's actually horrible.

What makes your book interesting, and different from other books that have been written? Why should someone read your book instead of doing something else? Those are the questions you need to ask yourself, I think.

Anna said...

Thanks! That helps. I'm surprised how many times I have to relearn my own personal writing lessons...and I haven't even thought about asking myself those kinds of questions in I don't know how long. Appreciate it!

If anybody else has anything to add, I would love to hear it.