Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cool update with Christmas Colors.

Okay, so yesterday me and my parents left at 7:35 am to go to Fort Worth for doctor stuff. I got to see my little cousin. We talked, made a big pile of leaves and jumped in it, posed for the camera, watched Boys Town, and made some funny videos. Funny Video One: The scene in Boys Town when Father Flanagan comes to get Whitey Marsh. Abby was Whitey, and I was Father Flanagan. Funny Video Two: The same scene, but I was Whitey Marsh and Abby was Father Flanagan. Funny Video Three: Scene in Boys Town where Mo was humming and looking really stupid and Whitey tells him to stop. I was Mo, Abby was Whitey again. Funny Video Four: Abby videoing me rake leaves, saying and singing stupid stuff. Funny Video Five: Abby telling me to say goodbye and singing "Bye Bye Birdie." Okay, enough about the five funny videos. On the way hope I slept, ate greasy sonic food and had a mocha flavored java chiller that was nothing compared to what Starbucks can do for you. I also read some in a Warriors book that has been sitting around for awhile, listened to the third Harry Potter soundtrack, and got a very good idea for a book. Two in two days. (I got a good one yesterday too.) I read a chapter in the Silmarillion, which is amazing. I wonder what Dad got me for Christmas? I wonder what Mikaela got me for Christmas?

I wonder what I got Mikaela for Christmas? Just kidding, it's already wrapped. Wasn't that the coolest update ever? Anna


Mikaela said...

YOur present is still in the bag it or part of it came in :]

Laura said...

Are you going to post the videos or just tell us about them? Anyways, I liked the colours - probably because I'm such a Christmas person myself.
I wanted to ask your permission to cite your questions about what draws readers into a fantasy novel for a post that I've been thinking about doing. (Basically, it's everything you asked, I just really liked how you worded the questions.) So, may I?

Anna said...

Definitely! Go ahead and do the post. I want to see what everyone says.

Unfortunately, the videos are on my cousin's camera, and I don't have them. :(

I think I would be too embarrassed to post them anyway. :D