Monday, January 12, 2009

Lost: Season One

Hey Everybody!
Happy Monday.

I was posting to give a fast review of Lost Season One (also Movie of the Month. :D)

I don't want to write a long review, so let me just say that it is as good as 24 (which is saying a lot for me) even though they're both very different.

I give it ten stars.

Lots of interesting characters, good plot twists, and very good acting.



Brian said...

I haven't seen it, but I understand that it is about them lost on an island.

Anna said...

I was feeling very lazy when I posted this, which is why I didn't try to write a review.

Lost is about a group of people whose plane crashes on an island. They start hearing noises in the jungle, and then they found out that the monster that lives in the jungle eats people.

Then, they find a transmission that has been playing in french for sixteen years, and their guess is that whoever made that transmission hasn't gotten off the island yet, or why would the transmission still be playing?

Each episode has flashbacks from each character that shoe bits and pieces of their life before the plane crashed. It's really excellent! I am now an official fan.

Mikaela said...

hey after you finish this series are you going to start like Heroes or Kyle XY?

Anna said...

idk. I wouldn't mind trying one of those sometime. But, I really don't need to get addicted to another tv show. They take up a lot of time and kill lots of brain cells. :D

Lost and 24 and occasionally American Idol are enough, I think.

Mythopoeia said...

I have personally never watched this show, though I have been interested. They were filming in Hawaii last semester; I walked past all these film trailers and people milling around :)

Anna said...

seriously? Did you see any of the actors? That's cool.

I'm really impressed with Lost. New favorite! And a good way to study characters, too. There are so many personalities that are vastly different and all well acted...seeing them react is a lot of fun!