Friday, January 9, 2009

My Perfect Writing Atmosphere....

I was just thinking about how and where I like to write, because I just recreated my atmosphere.

I think that some of my best writing last year came when I had my writing kicks. I would get a really good idea for a draft, and I would outline and plan and everything, and just get really inspired.

I would spend most of my afternoons writing, as much as possible, and I did it at the kitchen table, with my laptop.

The table didn't have to be clean, but it worked better if it was, and the light in the dining room had to be off, but the blinds had to be open so that some natural light came it.

I usually write with iTunes blaring. If I have a really good writing kick, I usually go about a hundred pages into the draft before I begin to lose interest. I love my writing kicks! I can't wait for my next kick to come. I hope to trick myself into finishing the book before the kick is over, or to at least keep myself interested long enough to get further, or finish Part One, or something. I want to get somewhere this year.

I was just thinking about that, because I shut off the dining room light and opened the blinds. It certainly does look welcoming, except I'm on a reading kick (hopefully I can train myself to write during reading kicks this year too.) and my laptop isn't working, just the desktop.

Do you have a special place you like to write? If you do, why?

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