Friday, February 27, 2009

Quickie Update on the Exhausted Book Worm

Heeeeyyy everyone.....

As you can see by my less enthusiastic greeting than usual, I am very tired, but I am also feeling pretty proud of myself, because I have, as of about ten minutes ago, finished ten books this month, which means I have two days to fulfill my original goal of twelve, to make up for reading only eight and not ten last month.

Oh yeah, and here's something I discovered:

If you watch little or no TV in the evenings, and focus all of your energy on reading, you can easily finish a book that might normally take you a week to read, if you let yourself dawdle on it. For instance: I started The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien on Tuesday, and I actually finished it yesterday. Just by concentrated reading. Cool, right? I usually watch TV in the evenings.....but maybe I should start reading more. I would certainly get more done! Still, I look forward to the moment when I reach THE END in Book Twelve and I can kick back and re-watch The Island. Been wanting to watch it again. SO ANYWAY....congratulate me on managing ten books, and wish me good luck or good fortune or something on conquering the next two in two days. Good night Cyber Space!
BTW, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep doing Books of the Month and all that, which is why I never got around to putting one up this month. Or Movie either....but don't worry, I'll do two extra ones next month instead. Also, I'm hoping to get Sock Monkeys up and running again soon. Me and Mike have been neglecting it, but maybe we'll start updating it more often next month. Alright everyone! Goodnight!


Mikaela said...

Hey I posted several things on Sock Monkeys today!! :O

Anna said...

Yeah i I"VE been neglecting it. I'll post doubly next month on OF THE MONTH stuff....don't forget to update the sidebar. :D