Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reading, reading and....unfortunately, LESS reading.

This month, I HAVE been doing a lot of reading. Besides The Bad Beginning By Lemony Snicket and Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery, I've read several other books, and have been reading two books with all of those. I reread The Hobbit, parts of a book on writing science fiction and fantasy (not great) and Thr3e by Ted Dekker, which was excellent. I wish I had read it before I see the movie. If you haven't seen the movie or read the book yet, read the book first! It'll make it a lot more enjoyable if you don't know what's coming. Besides, if I see the movie first, I have a certain loyalty to it. I like the way they arranged the ending in the movie a little better than Dekker wrote it in the book...but he has such a great voice, and eloquent way of writing. Kevin is such a great character!

I've been reading The Iliad and Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace all night.

Unfortunately, I haven't read as much as I should, so I'm five books behind my end-month deadline. I was about to start The Reason For God by Timothy Keller, but even finishing that by the end of this month seems like a load...besides, I have a TON of stuff to memorize for some test I have to do for Driver's Ed. UGH! So, I'm letting myself off of my reading goal. I'm going to start something comfortable and easy (Warriors, Harry Potter, or Lloyd Alexander, whose books I have never read) and if I finish it and more before the end of the month, that'll be great. I'll just be behind. April is going to be mad, with driver's classes. May might be pretty mad too. Mikaela is coming. (**gulp**)
I dearly hope that May won't be as mad as April so that I can catch up, because I doubt that I'll catch up then. But if not, there's still the whole summer. I'll only be doing school part time for two months, and then none at all in August.
Releasing myself from the reading goal for this month really does take a load off....oh well. I'm excited about Driver's School, but it's going to be inconvenient when my brother comes for a visit. Besides, they have some rules about missing classes....can't remember them right now....don't want to. :D


Mythopoeia said...

My vote goes to Lloyd Alexander. The Prydain Chronicles :D

Anna said...


I'm still hoping to actually make my reading goal with a little bit of cheating. I've decided to try and read two or three Lemony Snicket books, which are so easy I should be able to read them in a day or two, and finish Harry Potter and Lloyd Alexander. Maybe I'll make it after all!