Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Article about Facebook

I just wrote a long blog post on why I don't really like facebook, but then I decided I should let this lady from Plugged in Online (I don't always endorse their stuff, btw, but they have interesting articles sometimes) explain it so facebook fans don't get irritated at yours truly.


Alissa said...

i would love to hear YOUR thoughts on facebook :)

Anna said...

:) Well, I think Facebook is good for pictures, catching up with people you normally wouldn't, and maybe letting people know about events and stuff, but all the status messages and games and groups, I think, is what people usually spend their time doing on facebook, and I think all that is kind of a waste of time, because it keeps you from doing stuff that would be a lot more profitable. I tend to use the computer as a procrastinating tool, to put stuff off for just a few more minutes, and facebook just feeds that. I like to comment, like things, occasionally write on other peoples' walls, and I do take the silly quizzes sometimes, but I usually don't publish my results. I really wish I didn't have a facebook, but I hate to quit now that I've gotten in touch with people that I wouldn't talk to otherwise. So, those are my thoughts on facebook. :)

Alissa said...

i agree that facebook can be good and bad. facebook (along with the internet in general) can be a huge time waster and brain waster. but it can be good things as well.

john piper had an interesting article on the desiring god website about it:

Anna said...

Mmm, that was an interesting article!

The thing is, you can't hardly live without the internet anymore, because so many people use it for work, personal messages, and a majority of their entertainment. I use Google Docs for most of my writing now, because if my computer crashes, the documents will always be available on a different computer. The problem is when the internet quits. :)