Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dialogues and Monologues:

The above is the title of my favorite folder in my Google Docs. I started this recently when I started noticing bits of conversation that cracked me up and sounded like something one of my characters would say, so I wrote them out under that character's name.
Since then, that folder has grown. I use it to record interesting pet phrases or words that go with a certain character, or conversations that I feel like writing at the time. I think I'll be using it a lot more...I recently wrote a whole classroom scene (which required lots of dialogue and classroom jargon that I wanted to write down before I forgot all of it) and it's also useful when I think of a killer line for one of my characters to say that doesn't go in the story right now, but could be incredibly useful later. Sometimes I use it for Monologues, which are fun to write too. Do any other writers out there have folders like this, where they just put variants of the same thing? In my case, clips of dialogue or conversations between characters. Dialogue isn't exactly easy...each character should have a distinct voice of their own, their own way of phrasing things, their own pet words. For instance: I often say, "For crying out loud!"
Dialogue is difficult, but loads of fun. I'm having fun teaching myself how to do it better!
Soon I'll give reading updates and other exciting things like that. :D


Mythopoeia said...

I guess I sort of do this, but I'm not as organized. I bring a notebook with me everywhere where I scribble down phrases and jots of dialogue and monologue as they occur to me. And then perhaps three times a year I actually copy them into the computer! I also have a dry erase board on my wall that I scribble ideas on, and when it's full I copy it down too. I don't have an actual computer file for those bits of speech though, hm. I just guesstimate where in the book the speech will go, and create a word file to store the appropriate chapter in later on. Unless I have no idea, in which case it goes into the file marked 'Notebook (Quotes)'.

Anna said...

I attached huge pieces of paper to my bulletin board to write down ideas whenever I feel like and create webs. :D I'm really enjoying that. Sometimes it seems like if you have a place to put ideas they come more often. It's probably psychological. :D