Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello! and 10 random things.


1) Well, today, I went to Barnes and Noble. I was first annoyed that they didn't have any autobiographies of Leanard Nimoy or William Shatner,

2) secondly annoyed by the screaming kids that simply WOULD NOT shut up, and

3) thirdly annoyed by not finding another book I wanted to flip through. That's okay though, because I found another book to read in that looks very promising. I'll have to see if the library has it, if they don't request it, if they can't get it, buy it and read it. :D

4) Oh yeah, and I also drooled over Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke. :) I just reread Inkheart and Inkspell, was blown away a second time, got all psyched for the third book and the movie, even though I can tell from clips and previews that they butchered the story up a lot. I looks like they captured the essence of the story pretty well, and I love all the actors they got.

5) Anyway, I am currently doing really well on my reading, so I'll be posting reading updates soon, and a belated recommended book and movie of the month. I know I'm quite late. :D

6) Who else finds that when watching really long videos on Youtube that it stops to load even when it's all buffered? It's annoying to have to refresh every few minutes, watch an advertisement, find your place, and then watch one more advertisement before you can continue were you left off. For Star Trek, though, it's worth it, but I wish my laptop handled it better. The desktop seems to stream them better.

7) I'm starting to do more writing on my book now, but I'm having trouble deciding exactly what to write of the outline I sketched out awhile ago, since a lot of my ideas and stuff have changed and I'm planning on changing the plot drastically when I rewrite. It's ridiculous how many ideas I'll get and then just now know which one to use. Oh well.

8) I'm starting to think about thinking about what I'm going to write during NaNoWriMo this year. This will be my first time participating, and I'm thinking about doing a lot of pre-writing and outlining to make the writing flow go easier that month.

9) My cousin has informed me that I am a certified nerd. She asked me if I have a license. I consider this a compliment. :D

10) Bye. :D


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