Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inkheart: The Movie

I watched the Inkheart movie last night. UGH.
They picked lots of great people for the cast, especially Dustfinger, Mo and Farid. Some of the other cast was really awful, either in character type or acting or both. The setting wasn't quite right, and the story was a mess. It's like it crashed, flew into a million pieces, and was put back together by someone who had never seen it and had a bad instruction manual, with a few substitute pieces of their own. The movie captured the gist of the book, but the complexity of some of the more minor characters was brushed aside and replaced with a shallow, stereotypical character (particularly Basta.)

All in all, I enjoyed seeing it, but by the time it was halfway over, I could see that they had butchered the story beyond hope. If it weren't for some of the excellent actors, the movie would have been truly awful. The magic of the book just wasn't.....there. Maybe a trace of it. But not all of it. It was still fun to see, and worth seeing by Inkheart fans if only to see Dustfinger and Mo. I'm annoyed; it's damaged my Inkheart mood just a little, but there's still hope. I think it'll be mended by the time I get holt of Inkdeath...although I've heard more than once that it was a disappointing end to the series. Oh well.

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