Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Someone's Birthday

I love birthdays. I really do; they're great. It's a wonderful way to celebrate a person and their life.

Well, recently, I've been assigning my characters birthdates and ages. Tomorrow is someone's birthday: his name is Thicket Gregory Incen Kitt. I really don't know why his parents stuck 'Gregory' in there....maybe it's a mistake, I could have gotten the wrong birth certificate or something. :D

Tomorrow, Thicket will be seventeen years old. He's a very good, sweet character, very smart and musically talented. He's a good boy. My characters come alive for me. So tomorrow, I think I'll spend some time getting to know Thicket better, maybe go to his party. It could be loads of fun, knowing him.....but wait. Will he even be with people he knows and loves? According to story chronology, probably not. I imagine that tomorrow, Thicket will be with a group of traveling minstrels and bands, learning the art of music. I may be the only one that remembers his birthday. That's alright. Thicket will miss his family tomorrow, but I guess I'll have to do. Maybe he'll confess the fact to one of his minstrel friends when they're going to sleep, and he'll at least get one more 'Happy Birthday.'

Do any of you writers remember your characters' birthdays? If you do, do you do anything to celebrate? Why or why not?


Mythopoeia said...

I cannot even say how much I love this post ^_^

As to my own characters: I know some of their birthdays, but not all. Some I don't feel it necessary to know, just the season of birth, or some vague idea like that. I gave my main character my own birthday, so that's how I celebrate, I guess!

I liked what description you gave of this Thicket character . . . and I like his name, too.

Anna said...

Thanks! Thicket is one of my favorites, and spending a bit of time with him yesterday made him an even richer character than he was before. I feel so sorry for him right now!

I don't know every single characters' birthday. i know most of the younger characters' birthdays....the ones that need definite ages so I don't confuse them. I don't have any more birthdays to celebrate until July....not many people in June, just Thicket. :D