Thursday, September 24, 2009

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

My sister-in-law encouraged me to put this up on my blog when I posted it in an art folder on I thought I would go ahead and share this one picture, for now. Maybe more stuff soon. I took two pictures of this....not sure which one is better. You guys can be the judge!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Recommended Movies for this Month

Hello cyber friends!

I know I've been bad about updating the past few months. Hopefully I'll stop that. I'll try to start posting book reviews more often, and writing updates, and music reviews too. All that good stuff.

I thought I would write some quick notes about the recommended movies for this month:

This is a great movie. For several reasons: I really like both actors Matt Damon and Will Smith, and I thought it was a nice story. I mean, not the best golf movie (that would probably be Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius) but Dad and I both enjoyed this one a lot and even got it and watched it again!

This was a fantastic movie! I had wanted to see it for a long time, and, being a Johnny Depp fan, it intrigued me a lot. Not to mention it just looked interesting. It's a very creative idea! When you first look at Edward, you have to wonder what kind of character it's going to be. Is he some disturbed mental nut? A psychopath serial killer? What role is he going to play? How is this story going to play out if the title character has hands like that?
It was a very sweet story, and actually it really wasn't dark, like you might think. It was just an aleatoric bedtime story, or lullaby, with some teenage/adult themes in it. And the soundtrack was excellent. :)

I watched All the Pretty Horses for the first time yesterday with Dad, and I enjoyed it a lot! It's really different from any westerns I've seen before. Matt Damon was also in this one, and I really liked his performance.
I wasn't as psyched about Penelope Cruz's acting in this; probably because she just wasn't in it a whole lot. The whole romance thread of the movie was kind of played down a lot, I think. That's my only criticism of it as far as plot and characters go. By the time I believed they were in love, they were separated, for the last time! I also really enjoyed getting to see Henry Thomas act as a grown up. :) For those of you out there who aren't E.T. freaks like me, Henry Thomas played Elliot, the main character from the Steven Spielberg movie. I thought that he did well as a cowboy. :D
Billy Bob Thornton directed, which I didn't know until I saw his name in the credits. And it took me a long time to figure out that it was Henry Thomas. (It shouldn't, I know that face by name...but it still took awhile to put it together. I've never seen him act in anything accept E.T., when he was like, twelve.)

So anyway. Those were all good, and worth seeing! Thanks for reading. :)