Monday, October 26, 2009

More NaNoWriMo Stuff:

Okay, so in case no one has figured it out yet, I'm offering up lots of stuff that I think is interesting or cool or helpful about NaNoWriMo this year.

I was messing around some on the website today (I even updated my Novel Information...finally) and a few minutes ago I went to find the Young Writer's Program.


I still count as a Young Writer, but I wasn't aware that the Young Writer's sight was so much cooler than the regular one, so I just signed up on the main site. Those of you who are going to do NaNoWriMo and haven't signed up yet (and are 17 or younger) should totally sign up on the Young Writer's sight. It has a bunch of cool stuff (including help books you can read for free online from elementary to high school age ...I was looking at the high school one, and even if you're past high school, it has a lot of helpful stuff in it. Some of it even seems more fun and interesting than the more professional No Plot? No Problem! Handbook.) and a Dare Machine which dares you to do something or other in your book when you get stuck. It even has a game, which I can't play because I'm signed up on the main site. :( anyway, it is definitely worth checking out. Explore it! Enjoy it, even if you're not signed up there. The free handbooks are a goodie that should be taken advantage of!

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Brian said...

I'm trying out both. I'll use the same book on both, the same account name and pass and everything, only, I have different word goals. I used 35,000 for YWP, the maximum the site says for 9th graders, and 50,000 for NaNo, the set number. That way I have a lower goal to shoot for before going for the big one.