Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few things:

1. I miss my old book. I miss Dwalyn and North and Lance and Ebony and Dravidians and dark, foreboding forests, subtle science fiction trails. I miss all of that. But I'm still enjoying The Great Elation lots and lots; and its a good sign that I'm still attached to my book.

2. I'm rereading Twilight which is fun and rewatching the Star Trek episode: Mirror, Mirror, which is one of the best out of Season Two and this is also fun.

3. Firefly is absolutely awesome. I am completely creeped out by Revers. Ohmigosh. One of the reasons I must stay up late and READ. And then watch Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror.

4. I'm in Indiana, having a great time with my brother and sister -n - law and nephews and niece. It's Brian's fault that I'm lovin' Firefly.

5. I'm running out of random things to say, but lists are so fun that I don't want to stop.


7. NaNoWriMo is coming along really well; almost to 40,000 words, and today I discovered something that I had absolutely no idea about; turns out that Marty's unknown girlfriend is from a planet I haven't got a name for and THAT'S how he knows so much about my character Xarryn Shaa. :D

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