Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lovely randomness

1. Listening to Thriving Ivory - and lovin' it!

2. Just watched the first forty or so minutes of A Christmas Story, which I've never seen before, but I made myself stop, because it's going to be on all day on Christmas and I think Dad would be belly laughing all through it, so I'm going to wait so that I can belly laugh too. I can't belly laugh by myself.


4. Gonna go to bed, read a lil' bit, get some good Z's.

5. Trying to avoid a scratchy/sore throat.

6. Made two pies today - and the crusts are atrocious. I mean, really atrocious. But, here's the thing: people are just going to eat it. It's all gonna end up in the same place - stomachs - no matter how it looks. Besides, the chocolate filling is still so pretty maybe nobody will notice the crusts, or will at least forgive how pathetic they look.


8. Watched the season five finale of Lost. Here's my take:

Can't wait for season six.

Don't like Sawyer and Juliet together.

Wish that Jacob hadn't died right after we met him.

Dislike Jacob's nemesis/John Locke twin.

Benjamin Linus is interesting.

Juliet changes her mind too much

Sorry that Dan died

Cried when Kate said goodbye to Aaron

I like Miles a lot more than I used to now. His flashback episode sort of brought his character home for me.

9. CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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