Friday, December 11, 2009

Peaple Who Have My Shoes #5

Doctor Who (The Tenth Doctor)

Movie/Book: Doctor Who, New Series, Season 2-4

Shoes: Black Chuck Taylors

He's always wearing converse. Of all colors. Red, white, black, all sorts of colors. Time to grab your converse and save the world. :D

Okay, thought: How come girls don't wear cool shoes? I mean...I've seen a few movies where they do, but they're chick flick characters, and somehow they don't seem worth mentioning. At least not the one that had Selena Gomez in it.


Mythopoeia said...

I've been looking at all your 'Shoes' posts--And goodness, you have the best shoes! I want converse just because of the Doctor, but alas, have none. I also want a long coat like his because it looks so very awesome when he's running!

Anna said...

I was thrilled when I saw that he had a pair of my Black Chucks! You should get some converse. I love mine - they're great for just everyday stuff, and you can get them dirty and be tough on them and they don't get worn fast. I've had mine for several years and they still look pretty good! Plus they look cool if they're dirty, and you can write on them with markers and it comes off in the washer! Don't write on them with an ink pen - that doesn't come off very well. :D

I agree with you about the coat. I recently watched the episode 'Blink' I think it was called? I think it should have had more of the Doctor in it, but I still liked it because it was actually pretty creepy!