Friday, December 11, 2009

People Who Have My Shoes #4

Charlie Pace

Movie/Book: Lost, Seasons 1-3

Shoes: Checkered Vans Off the Wall

Okay, I admit - I actually got these shoes because I thought Charlie's were so cool. I always liked Charlie, even though he was a heroin addict and could sometimes be a really annoying character. I still liked him. Probably because I really like Merry.


Mythopoeia said...

Totally agree with you about Charlie. I liked the sweetness in the character despite all his messed-up-ness . . . I actually never noticed his shoes before though, haha.

Anna said...

Yay, another Charlie fan!

Mythopoeia said...

Yep--Although Desmond has been number one in my books ever since his first introduction :)

Anna said...

Desmond is another of my faves too. :)