Thursday, December 10, 2009

Star Trek Season One: A list of the episodes most worth watching IMHO.

IMHO = In my humble opinion, for those of you who don't speak Text. These are probably my favorite episodes from Season One.

The Naked Time.
I think this is the first episode that really grabbed me as being a good one; it stood out a lot, especially compared to 'Where No Man Has Gone Before' which I really didn't like.

The Enemy Within
Kirk is has a good vs. evil face off - with himself. The philosophy in this one is interesting.

Dagger of the Mind
This is the episode that introduced the famous Vulcan mind meld. :)

The Galileo Seven
This is a great one for Spock.

Tomorrow is Yesterday
The first time travel episode in the series.

Court Martial
Excellent plot, and has one of the things that makes the old Star Treks the best; one of those really eerie alien planets with a purple sky and a big Saturn looking moon or something in the sky.

Space Seed
Actually I don't like this as well as you would think - but it introduced the infamous Khan Noonien Singh, and it was a good episode, so definitely worth a mention.

This Side of Paradise
This one was actually really funny. I feel like its just a little bit ridiculous, in some ways, but it's not nearly as bad as it could have been, and D.C. Fontana wrote it, and she wrote some of the best episodes in the series. I'm not a big fan of criticizing, so even though this episode could come off as being really corny, awful episode, I liked it. Another great one for both Spock and Kirk.

The Devil in the Dark
A pure, honest to goodness creature/monster episode! This one was really good. I need to watch it again.

The City on the Edge of Forever
This is one of the greatest ones ever. It has everything a good Star Trek has; an eerie planet, a big problem that's nearly impossible to solve, one of the better romances in the series, humor, and good character development. I read the adaption by James Blish last night - you won't know unless you're a certified nerd like me and love old, obscure paperbacks printed in the late sixties - and thought that some of the twists he added in were good. So this one is kinda fresh on my mind....

Opperation - Annihilate!
The last episode in Season One. A main character loses a family member, another main character goes blind. Not as good as it looks, but certainly worth a watch.

These ones are pretty corny, but I still enjoyed watching them for the first time:

The Man Trap
Eerie, I was actually a little bit freaked out

Charlie X
The kid that acts in this always plays a disturbed character, seems like - again, I saw him in a Big Valley episode

For some reason I want to mention this one, even though it's probably a much less strong episode than the last two I mentioned.

The Menagerie Parts 1 & 2
This episode was centered around bits and pieces of the failed Pilot episode, and is the only time in the series (except for the actual failed Pilot) where you get to see Captain Christopher Pike. Seeing Spock young is kinda funny, because they hadn't gotten down his character or Vulcan make up very well yet.

Shore Leave
This one is ridiculous, but it's entertaining. :D

The Squire of Gothos
Also ridiculous. Also entertaining. Plus, you get to hear Spock say "Tally-ho," so....

This one isn't ridiculous, it's just a little bit corny. I haven't seen it since the first time I watched it, but it was still fun.

There are a few episodes I know that are considered really good that I didn't enjoy very much, but I need to give them a second chance. (Balance of Terror, Errand of Mercy) and a few others that were either really corny or really boring.
This is such a great show. Old science fiction. Always the best.



Mythopoeia said...

The Naked Time was the first episode to really 'grab' me, too--probably has something to do with Nimoy's amazing acting. I also love The Galileo Seven! I think it's probably one of my most re-watched episodes.

I also liked City on the Edge of Forever, but haven't read the book. I wonder if it's possible to find it anywhere around here . . .

Nice review of Season One :)

PS-Was Shore Leave the one where there's the White Rabbit and all sorts of randomness?? That one was amazing. In a bizarre, I-haven't-slept-in-ten-days-and-have-started-hallucinating way :D

Anna said...

Yes, Shore Leave is the one with the white rabbit! Heh heh...that's one of the ones that I've rewatched.

Nimoy is the reason I like The Naked Time so well! And the Galileo Seven...I might need to watch that one again...

Thanks. :) Sometime soon I'll have to review Season Two.